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We Want to See Your School Pictures!

We Want to See Your School Pictures!

As we were perusing the comments on this post, we saw an interesting remark from SecretSparkler: "My school's first day also happens to be picture day...yeah, I'd like to avoid a repeat of last year's picture disaster."

That got us thinking.

Is there anything cuter, funnier, and weirder than school pictures? From laser backgrounds to unfortunate bangs to ill-advised props, school pictures are just as amazing as they are awkward. And sometimes, just sometimes, they are genius.

What we're saying, Sparklers, is that we want to see your school pictures! Awkward, adorable, boring, circa 2011, from first grade—whatever! We just want to squee at your cute faces and then put them in a slideshow! Here's what to do:

1) Send pics to

2) Include your username

3) Tell us a little bit about the picture(s) (including what grade you were in)

4) Get famous on SparkLife!

It's that simple.

Do you agree that this will be the best slideshow ever??

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