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10 Ways to Ace Your First Day of School

10 Ways to Ace Your First Day of School

For most people, summer is drawing to a close. The first day of school is coming up fast—doubly fast if you're headed to high school or college. Here are ten easy ways to take an average first day back at school and make it excellent.

1. Consider wearing an older favorite outfit, instead of something new. You’ll still look great, and you won’t have to deal with any unforeseen wardrobe complications/malfunctions (I’m looking at you, saggy tights). Plus you’ll look extra cute when you wear your new stuff a few days into the school year, after everyone else is done trying so hard.
2. Don’t stuff your backpack. You do not need to carry everything at once. That’s why lockers exist.
3. Wear a super comfortable pair of shoes. School lasts eight hours and blisters are no fun, especially when you need to haul yourself to the opposite end of campus for lit class.
4. Get and stay organized. Prep your school supplies early, and pack your bag the night before. You’ll save time and ensure your peace of mind.
5. If you’re nervous about talking to people, keep a pack of gum on hand. Whip it out and offer a piece to anyone who looks interesting. It’s the perfect segway into a conversation.
6. Eat snacks. Hunger can make or break your day.
7. Don’t run to class. It makes you look foolish, and sprinting won’t help you navigate the hallway any faster.
8. Eat breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day for a reason.
9. Give yourself thirty extra minutes in the morning. The cushion will keep you from stressing if something doesn’t go according to plan.
10. Enjoy your last day of summer. Put yourself in a positive, calm state of mind for your first day of school by doing something fun with your friends.

Got any tips to add to the list?

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