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Win a Date With Josh Hutcherson!

Win a Date With Josh Hutcherson!

Guys, your lives are about to become a romantic comedy. Why? Because Josh Hutcherson is auctioning himself off for charity! It's a dream come true! Well, sort of.

Josh Hutcherson is auctioning off five tickets to a group dinner with him; the proceeds will benefit Abby Marsh, a soccer player at Josh's former high school, who was paralyzed from the shoulders down after a car accident. Is it just us, or is Josh Hutcherson the nicest celebrity ever?

There will be five separate auctions for a spot at the group dinner, with the winner being the highest bidder. The only potential snag we see in this plan? The probable cat-fight that breaks out between five super-fans in the same room as Josh Hutcherson.

Got $3000 to spare? Place your bid here!

[Via Crushable]

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