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The Truth About Band

The Truth About Band

Alright, there are a huge amount of posts about marching band here on SparkLife...and I’m just here to add to them. I'm going to be a freshman this year and just got done with my first ever band camp! I’ve seen a lot, heard a lot, and learned a lot, but the things that stood out the most were:

The Difficulty: First things first, marching band is HARD! Ask any old jock walking around if it is and they will probably respond with, “ Uh… Those people on the field when I don’t play? They’re just walking, that’s easy! *Flexes muscles* FOOTBALL!” Band camp consists of spending 9 hours a day in the August heat; not many sports can do that! On top of that, being in band involves remembering music and counts and memorizing about 50 drills and marching techniques all while trying not to get hit by a trombone or color guard. If our football guy tried to do that, his head would explode.

Band Camp: Three words: Nine-hour days.  I wasn’t even up that long during the rest of the summer! And, unlike what most think, those are 9 hours of straight work, complete with blisters and terrible tan lines.

Shows: Okay, so I’ve never marched in a show yet, but I’ve watched them for years. Ever since we started competing in contests, our shows have gotten weird. This year’s involves an interpretive dance, 8 foot walls, and 4 foot ramps on the field… Yeah.

Parades: Most parades happen in the summer, and where I live, that means 90 degree heat. If you're lucky, you can wear your band t-shirts and shorts; if you aren’t, you wear your full uniforms and people drop like flies. Last year, 10 people passed out during the Memorial Day parade.

Bubble Popping: You have no personal bubble in marching band. Try doing 1 step interval drills and still having space issues. Section leaders will adjust you by hand, and you will bump into people constantly. My band has gone so far as to create a game of nose tag.

Section Spirit and Rivalry: Us flutes love the clarinets but hate the saxophones because our section leaders date. The brass is all buddy-buddy, the pit just does their own thing, and we can all agree flute players are the best we love our sections.  There is no bigger pride than what band people have for their section; we're like family.

Are you in your school's marching band? Do you think this post pretty much nails it?

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