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The Final Maximum Ride Book Is Out!

The Final Maximum Ride Book Is Out!

Nevermore: The Final Maximum Ride Adventure came out yesterday. As the title suggests, it's the eighth and final book in the Maximum Ride series and, well, we're kind of glad it's over. Don't get us wrong, we're still eager to know what happens (Will the flock find Angel? Will Max save the world? And does she choose Fang or Dylan? ...Okay, we all know the answer to the last one is Fang.) But there's no denying that the series has been a bit boring and preachy for the last few novels—even Patterson admits he's gotten repetitive.

But hey, we're still going to read it. Who wants to miss Iggy and Gazzy blowing stuff up for the last time? But we're wondering, are you? It came out yesterday—have you already read it? Do you still love Max and the gang? And, more importantly, are you going to read Patterson's new murder mystery series?

Are you still reading Maximum Ride?

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