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Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande Get Their Own TV Show

Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande Get Their Own TV Show

With iCarly ending this fall, Jennette McCurdy is moving on to her next project...with Victorious's Ariana Grande! If you watch Nickelodeon, then you know these girls as Sam and Cat ...which, coincidentally, is what their show is going to be called. 

Sam & Cat follows Sam and Cat (heh) as they move in together and start a babysitting business for extra cash. Umm, okay? This sounds a bit odd...but then, so did their original shows, and those seem to have worked out okay. And besides, Ariana Grande's character Cat has already guest-starred on iCarly, so Nickelodeon has already established that they exist in the same world.

But aren't the girls going to get tired of playing the same characters forever? Is there really much room for character development?

We don't know, but we'll probably still watch the show to find out. Because, come on, it's going to be funny, right? Right?

Will you watch Sam & Cat?

[Via Huffpost]

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