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How to Daydream About Your First Kiss

How to Daydream About Your First Kiss

I, like many Sparklers, am NBK. But I am also VGAFAGFNBKTBK, or Very Good At Fanaticizing About Going From NBK To BK. Yeah it’s a long acronym, but WHO CARES. So get your head off the pillow and listen up, cause instead of helping you kiss someone, I’m going to help you fantasize about that first lip lock. Just follow these steps and you'll have the most fabulous daydream ever:

  1. Find yourself a quiet place to be alone. Seriously, if you get really into this daydream, you DO NOT want other people see you kissing the air. Your math teacher will look at you really funny for the rest of the year, not that I, erm, know anything about that.
  2. Close your eyes. Or don’t, I’m not picky.
  3. Picture who you want to kiss. It could be your crush since kindergarten (but please, the grown-up version). Or the cute kid at the coffee counter. Or your pillow, if you have no social life whatsoever. Or the cute kid at the coffee counter. *Ahem.*
  4. Picture the perfect place. Mine is a secluded walking path near my house, but yours can be anywhere. At an amusement park, or in front of a studio audience, or in your bedroom. Just make it perfect for you.
  5. The Golden Moment. I’m not sure what you call it, but the Golden Moment is that perfect wait preceding the kiss. What does your kisser do? Are you expecting it? Does he brush your hair out of your eyes? Hand you a giant lobster? Hand you a giant lobster while bouncing on a trampoline? No? Come up with your own! I’m not doing all the work for you!
  6. The kiss. I can’t really help you here. Just refer to the many kissing guides and Auntie Sparknotes posts on kissing; you’ll get the idea.
  7. The Aftermath. Your fantasy liplock is done, so what happens? Are you cuddling? Going for round two on that roller coaster? Cooking and eating your giant lobster? Whatever makes you happy!

Disclaimer: Just because you want it to happen this way doesn’t mean this is how your first kiss is going to go… sorry to burst your bubble.

Do you daydream about your first kiss?

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