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Would You Go to Video Game High School?

Would You Go to Video Game High School?

Okay, we all know the day is coming when video gaming will be the most popular sport out there, and video game stars will be idolized like famous athletes, and nerds will rule the world. We do all know this day is coming, right?

Well, that idea is the basis for the new web series Video Game High School, which is about a boy named Brian who happens to accidentally best the world's top gamer. He becomes famous overnight and is offered a spot in Video Game High School, an elite gamers' academy. Admit it: this is a funny premise. And if that's not enough to convince you, Chuck/Tangled star Zachary Levi is in it.

Check out this trailer for the series and tell us you're not going to spend the next hour watching the series on YouTube. (Come on, we know you are.)

Do you wish you could go to this high school?

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