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We Feel Really, Really Bad for McKayla Maroney

We Feel Really, Really Bad for McKayla Maroney

16-year-old McKayla Maroney is an amazing gymnast. She's recognized almost universally as the world's best vaulter, especially after her near perfect vault in the team finals, which she stuck with an incredible landing. And that's why it's such a shock that she didn't win the gold medal in the individual vault finals.

After being a shoo-in for the gold, McKayla landed on her butt in her second vault (which, by the way, is the easier vault, making this even more unexpected). Gymnastics is a tricky, risky sport, and falling is inevitable...but to do it in the Olympic finals? With the whole world watching you? That has got to hurt.

And that's why we feel bad for the poor girl. She's young, she's obviously incredibly talented, and she'll probably be back in four yearsbut right now, most people are just going to remember that she fell on her butt.

But you know what? We're still proud of her. Why? Well, besides the fact that she's already a gold medal winner, she's so good that even landing on  her butt still merited a silver medal. Her embarrassing landing still beats the best vault of almost everyone else in the whole world. And that's pretty impressive, if you ask us.

Are you watching the Olympics? Do you feel bad for McKayla?

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