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The Great Gymnastics Hair Debate

The Great Gymnastics Hair Debate

The U.S. women's gymnastics team is the #1 best in the world. They are supreme athletes who can basically fly. They are perfect in almost every way. But they have one weakness:

Their bizarrely messy half-ponytails!

OK, obviously the hair debate is completely absurd and irrelevant (especially the disturbing discussion of Gabby Douglas's hair). But we'll confess that we're fascinated and a bit perplexed by the American ladies' styles.

With the exception of their ponytails, every part of these girls is so sleek and controlled. Their leotards have them in a vise grip. Their eye makeup is meticulous. Their bodies are sleek, perfectly muscled machines—machines that are probably not stuffed with brownies and Cheez-Its, unlike some machines we could mention *cough*ours*cough*. Even the front of their hair is tightly pulled back, hairsprayed, and held down with clips, bobby pins, and barrettes. It's just this one section of their bodies that looks less than 100% polished and worked out.

Could it be that the gymnasts channel all their rebelliousness into their sloppy half-ponytails? If those half-ponytails could talk, would they say, "As soon as the Olympics are over, we're going to sit on a couch made of French fries and watch 'Friday Night Lights' until our muscles atrophy"? Is the half-ponytail the mullet of the 2012 Olympics?

Do you think the half-pony is a weird look? Do you think the whole question is absurd? Are you so sad and mad that McKayla fell last night?

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