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Awkward Episode 6: "What Comes First: Love or Sex?" Recap

Awkward Episode 6: "What Comes First: Love or Sex?" Recap

Three Little Words

Jenna is freaking out because Jake declared his love for her and she answered with an oh-so-poetic, "Awesome." Her mood isn't brightened by the news that her mom's best friend is engaged to a guy she barely knows who she loves for his money. At school, Tamera and Ming confirm Jenna's suspicions that "Awesome" is not the proper response to "I love you," and, after grilling her about her feelings, Tamera decides she's definitely not in love.

By Any Other Name

Sadie and Ricky are continuing their make-out sessions, but when Ricky wants a relationship, Sadie scoffs that she could never date a band geek.When Matty and Jake have a heart to heart about Jake's "I love you" and the aftermath, Matty explains his problem wasn't the sentiment, it was the chronology: he wanted to have sex with Jenna before he said it. Meanwhile, when Jenna realizes she didn't know she loved Matty until after they had sex (which was what began their on/off relationship), she thinks sleeping with Jake is just what their relationship needs.

Broadcast News

Unfortunately, in true awkward fashion, Jenna tells Jake she wants to have sex right after he does the morning announcements, accidentally bumping into the microphone and broadcasting her desire to the entire school. To make matters worse, during her counselling session with Valerie, Jenna finds out that Valerie is still hanging out with her mother. Jake tells Jenna he is all for having sex, and they decide the best time is right after school at Jenna's house, while her mom is still at yoga.


During a covert make-out session, Sadie learns Ricky gave up band for her, and her attitude toward him softens. At Jenna's house, Jake and Jenna's plans for a romantic afternoon are crushed when they find her mom's at home hanging out with Valerie and her friend. To make things even more uncomfortable, Sadie comes by to pick up Valerie's friend, whose rich fiance is Sadie's uncle. After listening to the three adults trade relationship advice, Sadie decides to give Ricky a chance, and Jenna retreats to her room. When her mom stops by to tell her every first time in a new relationship should be special, Jenna wastes no time in calling up Jake so they can have their first time right away.

That Feeling

Jake picks up Jenna in his mom's mini van with the back decked out in pink pillows, rose pedals, and romantic perfume, but he still holds back. He fears that if they sleep together and she still doesn't love him, he'll be permanently crushed. In that moment, Jenna realizes she does love Jake, but for some reason doesn't tell him. Poor, poor Jake.

What did you think of this week's episode? Are Jenna's feelings for Matty really gone for good? You can watch the full episode here!

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