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The Friday Awards (and a Haiku)

The Friday Awards (and a Haiku)

Today is the best Friday in the history of Fridays. Why? Because it is the Friday that is happening right now. And therefore it automatically beats every other Friday that is already over (though it might lose to next week's Friday).

And so, as we celebrate the end of another week, we've written a great haiku to express our joy:

It is Friday now

The weekend is almost here

We can't wait to sleep.

And Sparklers, we're super proud of gotstagecrew, thePurpleRavenclaw, CarolinaWren4, CrepuscularSnidget, and divergirl123, who guessed last week's message correctly. So proud that we made sure this week's message is super cool.

Although, let's be honest: everything we do is super cool. (Also, humility is overrated.)

Now, on to the Friday Awards!

Happy Birthday to CarolinaWren4 and AshtonRenee99!

And now, LoOAs go to…

*Amadeus for his comment on the friends post:

“Here's a foolproof way of making new friends:

- Ride into class on a white elephant (or a camel, or some other animal that is majestic like you) with a sword pointed at the heavens.
- Have some epic entry music playing in the background (my personal favorite is Beethoven's Turkish March).
- Introduce yourself loudly and boldly, like this: "GREETINGS, MORTALS! I AM AMADEUS, BUT YOU MAY CALL ME AMADEUS!"
- Next, demand that everyone gets down on one knee.
- Take your sword, suggest the motion of placing it on people's shoulders, and declare, "I now heartily proclaim you all my loyal and sworn friends."

Finally, take your seat.”

Glinda_Darling for her comment:

“I have always been jealous of boys for one reason, they have the toy of Legos. So here is My plan:
Get boyfriend
Buy Legos for him
Have him say "I'm too old for those"
Keep Legos and play to hearts content.”

CrepuscularSnidget for this comment on the weird Olympic stories post:

“I found out that three of the five gymnast on the USA women's team are younger than I am. Suddenly, getting out of bed this morning doesn't seem like a big accomplishment.”

thePurpleRavenclaw for her comment on the first-date car post:

“Come on, I'm a band geek. I can't go twenty-four hours without hearing Sousa. It's physically impossible. Besides, one of those Sousa marches is named "Our Flirtation." Sounds like a first-date song to me! "Bullets and Bayonets," not so much.”

PlathAddict16 for her comment on the lyrics post:

“Pffft, don't quote sappy songs! Quote heavy metal! Nothing says "buddies" like the lyrics to Blood of the Scribe. XD”

AwesomePossum214 for her comment on the Ryan Lochte post:

“I'm Team "Let's Look at Hot Guys... Wait, what are sports?:”

MurderousSiren for her comment on the magic post:

“the moment I found out that santa clause didn't actually exist

Grandma: can you believe your little cousin still believes in Santa you would think that by now he would have figured out it was his parents leaving presents under the tree.
Me: .... I still believe in Santa
awkward silence
Grandma: oh....well i hope i didn't ruin anything for you bye [quickly hangs up]”

AnneWasHere for her comment on the Babies post:

“My Year 8 maths teacher told me that babies came from the baby factory where the parents 'ordered' their child. It was then delivered to your house, via stork. But first, the stork must pass through the treacherous Forest of Ugly Trees and Pretty Trees. If the stork bumped into an Ugly Tree, the baby would be ugly. And vice versa. The baby would then arrive, bruised and howling, at your house.

This came from my maths teacher. MY MATHS TEACHER.”

And Fiction_is_Forever for her reply:

“Did your maths teacher tell this to your whole class, or just you? (It's very weird either way, but I'm curious).

My Dad told me babies came from the baby shop, and by that logic I decided mothers must come from the mother shop, so asked if we could replace Mum. (We could not).”

Happy Friday! Keep the awesome comments coming!

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