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Ten Reasons to Celebrate the End of Summer

Ten Reasons to Celebrate the End of Summer

1. The sand, my god, the sand! It's everywhere. It's in your shoes, it's in the bottom of your bag, it's in your car, a little bit of it might still be in your eyes. We can't wait to beach strike till 2013.

2. Your car ate your Summer 2012 mix CD. And if you don't stop feeding it One Direction, it's going after you.

3. You miss your jeans. It's not that we don't love you, jeans. It's just that having you next to our skin right now will literally cause us to frantically strip in the middle of a 90-degree parking lot. We will resume our love affair in September.

4. Everyone's crushes are about to expire. Tired of squinting to make the guy next door look cute enough to crush on? So's everybody. Start of the school year = new crop of potential crushes.

5. Boring magazines. If we have to read one more article about breezy summer beauty while in line to buy sunburn cream at the grocery store, we'll scream. Bring on the hackneyed, repetitive articles about back-to-school shopping!

6. School supplies: c'mon, they're kinda fun to buy. What is it about the scent of new erasers that makes it seem like everything will be okay?

7. You've memorized the theme song for every show available on Hulu. Even the weird British ones. (Or the weird American ones, if you're British.)

8. You remember a time when dinner wasn't popsicles. There once was a mystical era, known only as "last spring," where you occasionally ate something real for dinner, like pasta. Meditate on that while opting between purple and orange for your breakfast Pop-Ice.

9. Your couch has a you-shaped indent in it. It stands out embarrassingly well against the Pop-Ice wrappers.

10. Your Pavlovian response to the ice-cream truck song may be cause for concern. It's not...normal to hear five notes of a song and then find yourself, seemingly seconds later, holding a fistful of dollars and running barefoot down the street, is it? No? We didn't think so.

Are you excited for summer to come to an end?

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