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Ten Reasons We Love School Uniforms

Ten Reasons We Love School Uniforms

When you go to a private school and have to abide by the uniform, you might feel like you are obeying a code that stifles your individuality and, on top of that, puts you in old-fashioned, itchy clothing. What you might not realize is that uniforms are truly a gift from your school. We’re here to tell you why uniforms rule and street clothes drool.

  1. They bring everyone to the same level. When you go to a school where everyone essentially has to wear the same outfit, things become less competitive. Everyone is stripped down to the bare bones, so there is less to compare. While people are sure to stand out for other reasons (great hair, big boobs, a unibrow), at least people aren’t standing out because they can or can't afford really expensive clothing. When you wear a uniform, people have less superficial material to form unwarranted judgments on; you have more potential to let the true you come out, rather than letting your outfit do the talking for you.
  2. Uniforms are time-savers. You can wake up and, while still rubbing the sleep sand out of your eyes, blindly grab for the ball of uniform on your floor, throw it on, and run out the door. You won’t waste your time and energy deciding what to wear the night before. This blog even says that wearing a uniform increases your attendance at school—probably because it’s just easier to get to school when you have less to think about and prepare for.
  3. Don't Worry about Losing It. If, perchance, you misplace your uniform after taking it off for soccer practice, just turn to your lost and found and you’ll be sure to find a quick replacement. If not, a friend is sure to have something you can borrow. At schools without uniforms, if you lost your outfit, you’d be out of luck fo’ sho’, not to mention bummed that you lost your favorite pair of jeans.
  4. You're forced to become more creative. While some might argue that wearing a uniform makes you less unique, we beg to differ. On the contrary, by starting at the same point as your peers, you are put in a situation that makes you strive to be different in other ways. You can be unique by learning how to accessorize, whether that’s with knee socks, a funky hairstyle, or your nail polish choice. Or, you can cultivate your individuality by forming opinions and sharing them, like what music you like, what academic subject intrigues you the most, or why you just love Potbelly sandwiches more than anything in the world.
  5. People revere them. Something about uniforms commands respect, or maybe just secret admiration. After getting pulled over for speeding once, the police officer let me go. I am pretty sure he glanced down at my skirt, knew where I sent to school, and thought I was a good kid...or maybe because we were both wearing uniforms and he respected that, he let me off.
  6. You only need a wardrobe for the weekend. Since you're wearing the same thing Monday through Friday, you only need to have enough clothes for the weekend. If your clothing budget is limited, you can spend your money on just a few great items, going for quality and not quantity. When you wear the same thing all week, regular street clothes become a real treat. And since you only have to put thought into your outfit on Saturday, Sundays, and non-uniform days, you can have a lot of fun putting together outfits that express who you are.
  7. When people see you outside of school, they nearly die. When people see you out and about and are used to seeing you in that frumpy tweed skirt, their jaws drop. Whether you're wearing jeans or shorts with tights, nothing is more rewarding than seeing someone have a visceral reaction to the way you look.
  8. Your laundry load is small. If you wear the same skirt for nine months and just wash it on Saturdays, the rest of your laundry should really just be a few polo shirts, socks, and underwear. That means you'll have more free time on your schedule and less time spent being your own maid.
  9. They make great Halloween costumes. In college, when you are too busy studying to be creative, you can definitely bet that wearing your ninth grade schoolgirl skirt will be thoroughly appreciated by your male friends. Plus, it’s free.
  10. You can preserve memories for a lifetime. Don’t forget to save all your skirts so that when you finally take up sewing, you can make an awesome quilt to keep your school memories alive. Or just  keep them in a bag in the basement and look at them whenever you want to be take a time travel.

Do you love your uniform or hate it?

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