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Everything You Need to Know About Getting Sleep in College

Everything You Need to Know About Getting Sleep in College

Good grades, a social life, and enough sleep. If you’re embarking on the wonderfully grand adventure that is college, then you can choose two of these. Now if you’re like the majority of college students, you’ll pick the first two. I mean, you can sleep when you’re dead, right?

Right! But you’re still a human being, so unless you’re considering pulling a Bella and becoming a vampire, you’re going to need some sleep. And I’m here to help. Just keep reading…you’re getting verrrry sleepy. But seriously, here's how to get sleep in college:

  • Fix your summer sleep schedule now. If left to my own devices, I will sleep for 10 hours. So for the last two months, I’ve been going to bed at 2 AM and waking up at noon. That’s not exactly going to work with my early morning classes in the fall. The suggested way to reset your internal clock is to simply start going to bed earlier and begin waking up earlier. No more late nights scouring the dark corners of the internet. There is the alternative of staying up for over 24 hours. (Wake up at noon, don’t go to sleep that night, stay awake the whole next day and finally go to sleep at a normal time the following night.) This method is like taking your internal clock and smashing it into the ground a few times. It works… but it’s not pretty.
  • Set your bedtime. You’re becoming your mother. Yeah, it’s a terrifying thought, but in college, you have to decide what time you go to sleep. Do some math to figure out what that time is. Yes, math.
  • There are people who don’t need sleep. You are not one of them. There was this kid on my floor who literally did not sleep. He was really social: friends with everyone and in a bunch of clubs. He also took hard classes, which meant he had a ton of work and studying. He spent his days going to class and doing social activities, while his nights were devoted to schoolwork. He squeezed in a few naps during the day, but besides that, he just didn’t sleep. Do not try this. I’m pretty sure you’ll die.
  • Caffeine: Friend or Foe. It’s a college student’s best friend and worst enemy. It will get you through a long study session, and then it will get revenge. Last September, I would get a Mountain Dew when I really needed to stay up a little longer. Then I needed one every day just to stay awake during my afternoon classes. And then I tried 5 Hour Energy for the first time and I practically had a heart attack. Caffeine’s a drug, and if I learned anything from Drugfree the DARE dog, it’s that drugs are bad. In all seriousness though, you have to be careful  how dependent you become on caffeine, because if you’re caught without it, you can and will become a zombie. It’s a fact.
  • Turn the computer off. I don’t know how many times I’ve said “Just one more page” of sub-par memes. Or was about to fall asleep when I remembered the name of that actor that I wanted to look up. Or I had to check my email before bed and then wound up Youtube-ing kittens. Let’s just say a lot of times. And in college, time is sleep.
  • You shouldn’t sleep in just because you can, but we both know you’re going to do it anyway. The experts agree that it's better to keep a normal sleep routine. If you need to wake up at 7 five days a week, then you should be up at 7 SEVEN days a week. Even Saturdays. But to those experts I say “Grrrlumsjf,” which is the sound I make when I first wake up in the morning. I shall sleep in on Saturday if I want to, because sleeping in feels gooood.

Is anyone else super stoked to be going back to school soon?!  Well, to get your mind off the impending doom and gloom, leave a comment telling me what you think I should write about next! A list of my deepest darkest secrets, a burning question you just need answered about college, or a detailed analysis on the benefits of dye-sensitized solar cells—anything goes! Best comment gets a cookie!

Do you sleep enough in college?

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