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The 5 Most Irritating Political Facebook Friends

The 5 Most Irritating Political Facebook Friends

What with the elections coming our way and TVs and computers filling with blatant smear campaigns from both sides, your social networks are probably drowning in irritating statuses. Here are the five people you should just hide from your News Feed until the elections are over:

1. The Angry Liberal: This person is completely outraged at all the injustice in the world, particularly where it’s caused by the Republican Party, and wants all of Facebook to know about it. Prepare for links to Huffington Post articles, lengthy rants about Chick-Fil-A, and unequivocal proof that Romney is actually a servant of the Silents.

2. The Angry Conservative: This person is completely outraged by America’s moral bankruptcy, particularly where it’s facilitated by the Democratic Party, and wants all of Facebook to know about it. Expect memes about gas prices, lengthy rants about how even hedgehogs are going bankrupt now, and unequivocal proof that Obama is actually a dalek-made robot.

3. The Amateur Propagandist: If they’re not composing mass e-mails reminding you to register to vote yesterday, they’re typing out sickeningly heartwarming statuses about how the future is in your hands. And they never seem to run out of good things to say about their chosen candidate. Even if you support the same person, their gushing can and will get as annoying as the time your BFF decided she was in love with that guy she’d never spoken to. It gets even worse if they’re artistic, because you'll then be treated to endless pictures of the campaign stuff they designed themselves.

4. The Political Hipster: They hate politics, they’re convinced that all politicians are crooks, and they desperately want you to know about it. You’d think the mark of true indifference would be not having to tell the world about said indifference, but you’d be wrong. At least, according to them. Brace yourself for status rants, blog posts, and video selfies about how we’d all be better off if the president was someone no one had ever heard of, pop music was illegal, and American Apparel was the new nation-wide school uniform.

5. The Liker: They don’t post statuses about their political views, but their opinions are blatantly obvious because of everything they like and share. Whether they’re a meme/vid person or a “serious” liker who’s addicted to Washington Post and Yahoo, they’ll flood your news feed with articles and pictures until the cows come home (or the elections are over).

Note: This is just a joke; I’m not trying to argue for one side or the other. If I offended someone somehow I'm sorry, it was in no way intentional.

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