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Olympians Go to College, Too!

Olympians Go to College, Too!

Sometimes, the Olympics make us feel totally inadequate. So, after watching the amazing athletes do incredible things day after day, it's a bit of a relief to know that they do normal things, too. Like brush their teeth...or in this case, go to college.

Do you automatically get a full ride if you're an Olympic athlete? We hope so; after all, it only seems fair. And, because we all know you guys are stalking Ryan Lochte/Michael Phelps/the entire men's gymnastics team (yum), here's where a few of them go to college:

  • Michael Phelps went to the University of Michigan (sorry guys, he doesn't go there any more, so there's no chance of running into him on the quad).
  • Ryan Lochte graduated from the University of Florida, where he (predictably) won tons of swimming competitions.
  • Alex Morgan, the youngest soccer player on the USA team for last year's Women's World Cup, went to UC Berkley, which is a popular choice among Olympic Athletes.
  • Swimmer Natalie Coughlin went to UC Berkley, too, where she earned her degree in Psychology (in case the Olympian thing didn't work out).

You can read the rest of the list here (while we go do some more stalking research)!

[Via Huffpost]

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