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Five Albums I'm Excited For: the Verdicts

Five Albums I'm Excited For: the Verdicts

So, you guys might remember a post I wrote a few months ago about five albums I was excited for. Well, those five albums are all out now, and I suppose it's time that I told you whether they're worth picking up or not.

5. Write This Down: Lost Weekend
June 5, Tooth and Nail Records
The verdict: 4/5 stars
WTD, in case you don't know, is a hard rock/hardcore-ish group, and their second album Lost Weekend is really, really heavy. Not death-metal heavy, but pretty heavy nonetheless. If you like loud musicand I doyou should check this one out. There's some extremely loud songs here, like "Red 7," "The Older I Get The Better I Was," and "The Florida Rage." "I'll Make Ya Famous" is an awesome put-down directed at every pop song ever written and every party ever thrown. There's some great ballads here, too, plus a surprisingly heavy cover of No Doubt's "Don't Speak." If you're not into screaming, pass this one up; if you are, give WTD a chance.

4. Family Force 5: III.V EP
May 22, III Entertainment
The verdict: 4/5 stars
Sure, FF5's last album III wasn't their best, but this EP pretty much shows that they're determined to make amends for that. The two new songs "Zombie" and "Cray Button" are two completely unique tracks. One's full of guitar, hip-hop beats, and rapping; the other's a dance floor destroyer. There's also fouryeah, four!acoustic remixes on this release: "Fever," "Love Addict," and "Kountry Gentleman" all get acoustic re-hashes, as does the band's brand new song "Superhero." I only give it a 4/5 because there's only two brand new songs and the "Love Addict" remix leaves something to be desired, but besides that, this is a nice comeback for the 5.

3. Children 18:3: On The Run
June 18, Tooth and Nail Records
The verdict: 4.6/5 stars
We've been over this. Children 18:3 is probably the best punk rock band EVER. (Besides the Ramones.) They've got some elements that make them uniquetheir drummer is incredible, they're all siblings, and they cover a million different styles of rock and punk on every record. On The Run is my second favorite album to drop this year so far. And for good reason: the 12 tracks cover the entire rock spectrum, from straight-up punk ("Bandits") to pop punk ("Jenny") to hard rock ("What About Justice") to lovely little ballads ("Always On the Run") to rockin' jock jams ("All In Your Head"). Pick this one up. If you don't, I'll find you and force you to listen to "Call Me Maybe" over and over until you apologize.

2. Capital Lights: Rhythm N' Moves
July 17, Tooth and Nail Records
The verdict: 4/5 stars
Capital Lights' first album was a near-perfect blend of pop and rock n' roll, and you could even dance to some of it. The band's second release is a little more on the pop side. Rn'M has some pretty good pop rock tunes (the title track, "Coldfront Heatstroke," and "Save the Last Dance"), but the band overdoes the pop a little bit at times. It sounds...well, overexposed. (Maroon 5 fans know what I mean.) And it works sometimesespecially on "Caroline," where they blend the pop and dance with an autotune-like effect and actual drums and guitars. Other songs like "Let Your Hair Down" and "Newport Party" are kind of overproduced, and you can't really hear the actual band. But they're still really good songs, and altogether, it's actually a pretty good summer pop-rock album. (Their first album This Is An Outrage is way better, though. That's a must have.)

1. House of Heroes: Cold Hard Want
July 10, Gotee/Mono vs. Stereo Records
The verdict: 157/5 stars
This album was so built up, I didn't think it would live up to the hype. But it did. And then some. There's hard rock songs ("Dance," "Remember the Empire," and "Comfort Trap"). There's pop rock songs ("Touch This Light," and "We Were Giants"). There's slow ballads ("The Cop," and "Angels of Night"). And, of course, there are huge Muse/Queen-like epics ("I Am A Symbol"). It's basically a perfect listen, just like Switchfoot's Vice Verses from last year. The musicianship is amazing, the lyrics are really well-written, and the songs are super, super fun. If you don't own this album, you're crazy. It's 9 bucks at Best Buy, so go for it! It's worth every dollar.

By the way, The Verdicts would be a great name for a rock band. All you rockers out there, go ahead and use it.

Are you going to check out these albums?

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