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Beyoncé's Jumping on the Documentary Bandwagon

Beyoncé's Jumping on the Documentary Bandwagon

Beyoncé is currently "shopping around" the rights to a documentary about her life, a la Katy Perry and Justin Bieber, which she will direct and (duh) star in. Call us crazy, but we're actually kind of excited.

As silly as it may be to make a movie about someone who's spent their entire adult life in the public eye (because really, how much is there that we don't already know?), Beyoncé's life seems really interesting. And, unlike Katy Perry and Bieber, she's been around for more than five years; she's been a pop culture legend and icon longer than we've been able to read. And she's, ya know, awesome.

So even though we're calling money-making publicity stunt on the documentary, we still can't wait to see it. And if you don't find Beyoncé interesting, maybe this will convince you: there's bound to be footage of cute celebrity baby Blue Ivy. Awwww.

Will you go see Beyonce's documentary?

[Via LATimes]

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