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What's You Hunger Games Name?

What's You Hunger Games Name?

We all know that the Hunger Games has sort of become the bigger and better version of Twilight. But the next film is still more than 500 sleeps away. So, to keep you from curling up in a corner with all your fan-dom gear and breaking down, here's a little Hunger Game-ness to hold you over. Just follow the instructions below to find your new, kinda strange Hunger Games name!

First Name: Choose the name that corresponds to the month you were born.

January: Darius/Delly

February: Cray/ Hazelle

March: Thresh/Enobaria

April: Rory/Madge

May: Gloss/Cashmere

June: Flavius/Wiress

July: Plutarch/Seeder

August: Cato/Glimmer

September: Chaff/Johanna

October: Marvel/Posy

November: Romulus/Clove

December: Beetee/Mags

Middle Name: Choose the name that corresponds to you favorite holiday.

Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa: Seneca/Octavia

Easter: Coriolanus/Alma

Veterans Day: Pollux/Cressida

Halloween: Haymitch/Maysilee

April Fool's Day: Cinna/Effie

Saint Patrick's Day: Peeta/Primrose

Thanksgiving: Castor/Bonnie

New Year's: Finnick/Katniss

Earth Day: Gale/Rue

Independence Day: Caeser/Portia

Other: Claudius/Tigris

"I hate holidays.": Aurelius /Annie

Last Name: Choose the name that corresponds to first letter of your mom's first name.

A-D: Mellark

E-H: Snow

I-L: Odair

M-P: Everdeen

Q-T: Abernathy

U-Z: Hawthorne

What's your Hunger Games name?

Post by Sydney8771 (AKA Posy Maysilee Odair)!

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