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The Pros and Cons of Ryan Lochte

The Pros and Cons of Ryan Lochte

If you've been watching the Olympics, you've probably noticed Ryan Lochte, the the ridiculously attractive American swimmer who recently beat out Michael Phelps for the  gold in the 400-meter individual medley. Do I know what the 400-meter individual medley is? Not really. but I don't particularly care, because guys, Ryan is HOT. But just like the rest of us, he's not without his flaws; here are the pros and cons of the handsome Mr. Lochte.

Pro: He looks like this.

Con: He wears Grillz.

Pro: Finally, finally, someone beat Michael Phelps! Lochte and Phelps both swim for the USA mens’ swimming team. Lochte is now faster than Phelps, which is a refreshing change.

Con: Ryan is self-centered. He has over 130 pairs of shoes, including a pair with “RYAN” on the bottom of one and “LOCHTE” on the bottom of the other. This way, when his shoes get wet, everyone will know where he went.

Pro: Thanks to the Olympics, we have unlimited access to photos and videos of Ryan Lochte’s bod.

Con: He totally sold out. There are multiple commercials featuring him, some with great shots of his abs.

Pro: He holds 3 world records in swimming.

Con: He is almost as articulate as Keanu Reeves – that is to say,

Pro: Ryan Lochte is currently single, if anyone was wondering.

Con: He's into skateboarding. There is nothing wrong with this, until he said that if he gets hurt and can’t swim, well, that’s that.

Pro: Ryan Steven Lochte is his full name. As middle names go, “Steven” is quite good.

Con: He very obviously thinks he’s a bad boy. He was told by the Olympic Committee that if he wore his Grillz on the podium, he would not receive his medal. His solution? Keeping his mouthpiece in his pocket until the ceremony had already begun. A little respect for the Olympic Committee, please?

Pro: You can cheer for Lochte if you want, or you can pick another Olympian. Team Lochte or Team Phelps? Your choice!

Post by B0LT!

Yep, after watching that Gatorade commercial, we're definitely Team Lochte. How about you? Do you think he's insanely hot, or kind of a butt-clown?

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