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Surviving Senior Year: Your Guide to Making it Out Alive

Surviving Senior Year: Your Guide to Making it Out Alive

If you've already survived three years of high school, senior year is your new challenge. Your destiny. Your very own Triwizard Tournament, minus the wizards, the tournament, and (hopefully) the near death experiences.

As such, your senior year can (and probably will) be a very stressful time. But, if you play your cards right and remember to add five and carry the two, you can still have a ton a decent amount of fun. And that's where I come in—as someone who recently survived the year-long process of college applications, speeches, and exams, I'm here to offer you this series of step-by-step posts to guide you on your way to...well, wherever you want to go.

So, August. What should you be doing in August of your senior year? Is it even time to start thinking about all this stuff yet? Yes and no.

First, you should begin thinking about what you actually want to do after high school. Do you want to go to college? Do you want to take a gap year to save money and plan for the future? Do you want to go straight to work? It's perfectly acceptable not to go to college; you just need to know if that's what you want to do.

Next, now is the perfect time to make a list of all the things you need to accomplish to get where you want to go after high school, such as...

  • College visits (if you haven't already done them)
  • Scheduling and taking your SAT and/or ACT
  • Finding adults to write your recommendation letters (these are good to have on file, even if you're not going to college)
  • Filling out college applications
  • Scholarship hunting
  • Filing your FAFSA
  • Applying for jobs

Why is this important? First, putting it on paper will make you feel like you're doing something, without you actually having to do much work. Second, having a master list will keep you organized throughout the year, saving you from waking up some day in May and realizing that you forgot to fill out any of your financial aid forms.

Once you're done with that, add a few fun things to the list, like planning your spring break or pulling a senior prank. Then, sit back and enjoy your last week or two of summer, basking in the glow of having made a little bit of progress.

Are you ready for senior year? Got any burning questions or crazy fears? Let us know!

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