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True or False: This Statement is a Lie. (HA! That Title Was Rather Clever, Wasn't It? Maybe?)

True or False: This Statement is a Lie. (HA! That Title Was Rather Clever, Wasn't It? Maybe?)

In case it wasn't made painfully obvious by my obviously painful attempt at wit in this week's title, last week's Writer Wars was all about DECEPTION. There was deceit, there was disguise, there were assassins and fake sisters and Hannah Montannas galore. It was all quite fabulous. The best story submitters are listed below, and each shall receive a commemoratory  almond whittled to resemble my face. WHAT A TREAT, AM I RIGHT?! I'M RIGHT.

Sparklers' Choice (with 15 votes): wallflower19! Her sweet story struck a chord with its surprise ending:

“That’s the girl who was homeschooled, right?”

“Yeah, that’s definitely her.”

“Hey! You!” I felt a hand on my shoulder.

Startled, I spun around. “Nice costume,” said the boy on the left. The one on the right just nodded.

I just smiled and walked away.

I approached the next house and walked up to a middle aged man with a bowl in his hands. “Clever girl... You got out of saying ‘Trick or treat’ because you’re a mime.” I nodded. He handed me a Hershey’s bar from the bowl. “Happy Halloween.”

I love Halloween. To me, it’s even better than Christmas. It’s not just about the delicious candy or the extravagant costumes. One gets the chance to be someone else for a change. A ballerina by day could easily be a swamp monster by night, and no one would be able to tell. Besides, playing pretend brings out the little kid in anyone.

I’m always a mime, though. It’s not that I hate princesses, fairies, or even monsters. It’s just that I can’t be anything else. When everyone’s pretending to be characters they’re not, I do the opposite. Still, most people don’t know the difference between fantasy and reality.

The ballerina in the swamp monster outfit is a pretty little lie. The mute girl in the mime costume is showing everyone the truth. On Halloween, people assume that everyone is acting. But I’ve deceived them all without having to pretend. And that's what I love the most.

Dagger's Choice: Fiction_is_Forever! I love the moments of unexpected tenderness (like "your freckles suit you" in this otherwise formal and terse goodbye note.

Dear Susan,

By the time you read this, I will be gone. Please do not be alarmed when I do not come home; this is normal behaviour for me. Although you have previously been unaware of this, I never stay with a family for longer than two years.
Here are some things you should know about me: I am a gifted hypnotist (if I do say so myself). I am what would colloquially be referred to as “on the run” (though I urge you not to trouble yourself with why). Also, I am not your sister. I realise you may find this difficult to believe. People have always commented on how alike we look, right down to the freckles we both claim to despise. You should know that

a) I paint my freckles on every morning; they are part of a very thorough disguise I have worn constantly for the past two years.

b) Your freckles suit you.

Perhaps it is cruel of me to ask you to keep your knowledge of me secret (I have already made your parents forget me). Perhaps allowing you to keep your memories of me will be my undoing. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. You know it is not in my nature to dwell on the consequences of my actions. I am an impulsive creature, driven by emotions. That is why I am letting you remember me; in the time I have spent pretending to be your sister, I have come to think of you as a true sister. I feel affection and respect for you. I want you to remember me (as I was from 2010 onwards please – your memories of me before then are false memories I planted in your mind to convince you I was a part of your family).
Susan, you have been a caring sister to me, but do not worry about my safety. (I have connections; how else would I successfully insert myself into families?) It is unlikely we will ever see one another again, and if we do, you will not recognise me. This is goodbye.

I have no name to sign; you cannot know my true name, and the name you called me is false.

Therefore I leave you with this inadequate word,

P.S. I am confident you will not mind that I have taken your blue scarf with me. What are sisters for if not sharing?

Dagger's Runners-Up:







































Congratulations to all you masters of manipulating the truth! And now, for this week's prompt:

Write short story (400 words MAX) based in a world in which electricity (and therefore technology) does not exist. Your story can take place in the past, before electricity was invented, or in an alternate present/the future, where electricity has for some reason disappeared.

No lightbulbs?! No computers?! WHATEVER WILL HAPPEN?! Get creative and tell me, yo.

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