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Six People You'll Meet at Your College Dorm

Six People You'll Meet at Your College Dorm

College dorms! Every dorm full of hallways, every hallway full of doors, and behind each door, a pair of randomly assigned roommates. Within this crazy petri dish of people living on their own for the first time ever, odd things can grow. Here are just a few of the assorted characters you'll find living just down the hall:

The girl who has regressed into early childhood. Terrified by the unprecedented independence of college life, this person makes her dorm room into a Lisa Frank-themed womb, complete with Anastasia playing on a loop and a glitter glue craft station she's built beneath her roommate's loft bed. Great for a night of escapism, bad if you start treating it like your own private Neverland.

The guy who is clearly 32 but still lives in the dorm. Who is this guy? Is he an RA? Is he somebody's brother staying for the weekend? Is he...just hanging out? Steer clear of 32-year-old guy.

The bitter senior. Not everyone can afford off-campus housing, but things can get a little awkward for upperclassmen in the dorms. Sightings of the bitter senior are unicorn-rare, as they spend as much time as possible crashing at friends' places, or hiding in their closet from slap-happy freshmen who want a ride to the off-campus grocery store. No, they do NOT want to join you at the ice-cream orientation. They just want to graduate.

The girl who goes home every single weekend. This girl disappears every Friday afternoon like clockwork, not to be seen again until Sunday night, when she returns bearing clean laundry and Tupperwares full of soup. Nobody knows her name, because she's too busy Skypeing with her long-distance SO to talk to anyone else.

The guy who has no idea how to take care of himself. This guy can be found wandering the halls, hoping someone who looks kind of like his mom will loan him a comb. "One of those things...for the hair messies," he says, in a desperate attempt to clarify what he desires. He can also be identified by his wardrobe, which consists entirely of clothes he's accidentally shrunk and dyed pink while attempting to do his own laundry.

The social coordinator. This person LOOOOVES the dorm. She loves planning Boggle tournaments, hosting movie nights, and making microwave Rice Krispie treats in the common room. If you hear a knock on your door at 5 a.m., it's probably her, attempting to get you to join in an impromptu dorm floor fun run. Though the social coordinator can be awesome, don't let her trick you into believing there's no life beyond the dorm.

Did anyone else spit out their oatmeal when they got to "one of those things...for the hair messes?" LOVE IT. WANT TO MEET THAT GUY. Who else do you expect to run into at the dorms?

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