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Things Not to Bring to College

Things Not to Bring to College

When making that “YAY, I am FINALLY going to COLLEGE!!!!” checklist, it’s easy to let your enthusiasm take over and brainstorm WAY too many items. Make sure you take time to stop and think, “How will we fit all of that into mom's SUV and still have room for the most important thing—ME?!?” Remember, moving less crap means you’ll be settled more quickly and can push your parents out ASAP! To keep yourself from going overboard, our panel of college graduates have come up with a list of things you just don’t need to waste space on:

A Whole New Wardrobe: When you’re packing, it’s not uncommon to feel that your wardrobe might not necessarily cut it for all those cool things you’ll do in college. But, you don’t have to go too crazy. The dress code on campus is going to be so casual—you’ll live in jeans, t-shirts, and sweaters. You’ll need a new pair of jeans, some comfy yoga pants, and a college-inspired hoody to rock during lectures. For going out, treat yourself to a top or two from H&M or Forever 21 to stay within a reasonable budget. Remember, you’re not a celebrity and most of the kids from college are going to be ballin’ on a budget too. Plus, you’ll have such little space, it’s better to keep your wardrobe simple! Lastly, don't try and bring all of your shoes, purses, belts and other accessories. Strategize by the season and rememeber you'll be home in the fall and winter to swap pieces out.

A Blender: You’ll never use it to make healthy smoothies before class, even if it seems like a good idea now. Between studying, making friends, and joining clubs, you will be too busy to want to do any cooking. If you’re living in a dorm with a cafeteria just downstairs, most kitchenware is useless (besides a few basic cups and bowls for drinks and snacks). Your meal plan will probably cover EVERYTHING, so why spend money on a Keurig when the coffee is free?

Posh Seating: Any place to sit that cannot double as a sleep space is totally unnecessary. Think a bean bag will look cute on your dorm floor? Sure, but when its taking up some valuable square footage in your tiny room, you’ll soon find yourself tripping over it—especially once your room starts to get a little messy. A futon is really the only practical piece of furniture. It's great for hanging out and works as a crash zone for any weekend guests. Don’t waste your space on two useless, though cool-looking bean bags or butterfly chairs from Ikea. Unless you’re moving into your own off-campus apartment, you don't need to go furniture shopping.

Your Book Collection: Sure, as a nerd and voracious reader, your book collection is important to you—as literary junkies, we get it! Of course, you may want to re-read a favorite or two during the year, but is it necessary to buy a bookshelf to house a bunch of tomes you’ve already read and deeply analyzed? NOPE! You’ll need all the room you can get for your new textbooks and any other new authors you discover. You’ll go through a phase where you live in the used-bookstore on campus, so resist the temptation to bring a box full of old standbys. Remember, you only need to phone home and cry to get your mom to overnight your Harry Potter collection in emergencies...or you can just head to the campus library.

Your Grandma. Since this old broad probably doesn’t want to live in your tiny closet or space under the bed, make sure to catch up during weekly (or daily) phone conversations. The sad truth is, if you want to keep in touch with the people you've left behind, you'll have to be creative about it. Don’t rely too much on Facebook; make the extra effort with long emails or even hand-written cards and letter. People love things that come the old fashioned way.

What's on your NOT packing list for college?

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