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Intro To Dorm Essentials 101: Get the Freshest Looks

Intro To Dorm Essentials 101: Get the Freshest Looks

With summer nearing its end, the future college freshman has just a few weeks to stock up on dorm essentials. To make your room both a functional and fun place, you need to have a game plan. We’ve come up with a list of items to get you started, but make sure you consult with your mom (or some other know-it-all adult) so that you don’t forget anything important—like your baby blanket.


Your bed set-up (AKA where the magic happens) is the very first thing your peeps will see when they enter your room. You want to stand out, right? Are you going for that worldly, eclectic, “Hey, I am in college NOW!” look? If so, try a funky mix of different patterns and textiles like these paisley patterned duvet covers. These comforter cover-ups are great for easy washing, which is perfect for someone just starting to do their own laundry. (It's okay, we know your mom always did it for you.) To make your space look more interesting, sprinkle a couple throw pillows on your bed. Try to match the colors instead of getting all the same patterns; it'll look cooler. Lastly, we’ve throw in a Kantha cloth sham (Pottery Barn Teen swears they sell no two alike!) Plus, who wants to have run the risk of having the same bedspread as that nerd RA down the hall?


To complete you’re assignments, you’re going to have to be able to read them. Dorms are usually pretty poorly lit, so find the perfect desk lamp to add to your study space. Something like this retro desk lamp brings a nice pop of color to the room and can match (but not in that matchy-matchy way) your bedspread. Above your desk, try hanging some colorful shelves. These deep squares can showcase your fun “items” and little trinkets that make you, you.

On your desk, you’ll need a special place for secret stuff, like your cash. Keep something out that looks unsuspecting. Places like Sears even sell “Pringles cans” that can keep your secret stuff hidden from view. Even better, this "dictionary" has a lock and key and is the perfect place to keep your grandma’s sorority pearls.


Since you’re going to be “downsizing” and maybe even sharing a room for the first time in your life, being creative about storage is key. Making your storage multi-purpose is the perfect idea for a small space. With this storage bench, you can hide a few sweat shirts from view and give your friends a nice little place to hang out. If you don’t have a bunk bed, use bed risers to create extra space under your sleeping space. You can slide cute, colorful storage bins under here and actually make it look pretty, too.

Just Because

Sometimes you just need fun stuff in your room. These floral print wall decals would look AWESOME above your bed. Wall decals are easy to remove, which comes in handy if you outgrow them "finding yourself" later in college. You can easily move on to your next thing.

And, if you want to show some school spirit, Bed, Bath and Beyond carries a ton of items that they personalize to many large  universities—thinks like cups, comforters, lamps, and trash cans. GO, TEAM, GO!


In one of the pockets of the room, place a laundry hamper to hold your dirty threads. Make sure it’s light weight so that you have no trouble carrying this down to the laundry room once a week. It's always a good idea to keep your own mini-fridge on your side of the room; even though this fridge and snack cabinet is  pricy, maybe your parents will splurge for it since it’s so handy AND looks like a beautiful end table from Pottery barn (which it, like, really IS). If it's too much ca$h, show your handy dad a pic and see if it inspires him to come up with something almost as cool.

How do you decorate your dorm room?

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