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9 Most Memorable Book Minions

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9 Most Memorable Book Minions

Movie minions are great and all, but let us not forget the rich minion culture in books! These sci-fi, fantasy and horror novels are filled to the brim with awesome, interesting minions controlled by magicians and vampires, or who've sworn their lives to follow one war-leader, or are genetically connected to their overlords.

9. The Cauldron-Born: The Chronicles of Prydain. We read The Book of Three when we were kids, and these skeleton warriors scared the farts out of us. Unstoppable? Check. Immortal? Check. Indestructible? Check-check. How do you beat minions like these?

8. Wolves of Thunderclap: The Dark Tower V: The Wolves of the Calla. Serving the Crimson King, these guys had weapons that looked like Golden Snitches and faces that looked like Doctor Doom. Besides that, they fight with lightsabers. Can minions get cooler?

7. Urgals: The Inheritance Cycle. Now, I know they seem like a cheap orc knockoff, but these brute beasts weren't all that they seemed in the first book. Coming out of the spell the Shade Durza put on them, they actually joined the good side and you learned that they had awesome names, like Nar Garzhvog.

6. Buggers: Ender's Game. SPOILERS: Above and beyond the 'mindless,' these minions actually shared the same mind with their Queen, like ants in a colony.

5. Vogons: A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The Vogons might not be straight-up minions, but we would argue that they are actually minions to themselves, and therefore fit this list. Armed with their torturous poetry and their skills as worst shots in the universe, the Vogons still managed to destroy the earth, a feat few aliens have accomplished.

4. Renfield: Dracula. Obsessed with his master on the wholly creepy level, this guy who ate spiders had us pretty freaked for just about his whole story arc.

3. The White Witch's Army: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. With crazy things like minotaurs, ogres, bat-winged birds, goblins, and lots more, fighting these guys was like having a bad trip.

2. Death Eaters: Harry Potter series. I mean, what can you say about some of the most iconic evil wizards of our time? Imagine giving a bunch of serial killers, psychopaths, murderers, and maniacs awesome powers and illegal weapons, and watch what they could do with them.

1. Orcs: The Lord of the Rings. There's no getting around it; if we're talking about evil hordes and minions, orcs have to be the most memorable. No minion has more often been replicated, ripped off or reproduced than the orc of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. He may not have invented the word, but he basically created the creature and indelibly stamped it on the minds of any fantasy reader.

Who are your favorite book minions?

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