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Our Favorite Moments from the Olympics Opening Ceremony

Our Favorite Moments from the Olympics Opening Ceremony

It had it all: Mr. Bean, sheep, and a sky-diving queen. Thanks to a jolly good show by the Brits, we are officially WARMED UP for the Olympic Games!

Our favorite moments:

As the opening ceremony kicked off in London, crowds gathered at Olympic Park were treated to a flyover by Britain’s Red Arrow fliers, who left plumes of red, white and blue in their wake. “Huzzah! Those are our colors!” Yelled Britons, Americans, Australians, French, and another 20 countries with near-identical flags.

Commentators excitedly gushing as the torch relay made its way to the stadium, in the golden hands of underwear-wearer-giant David Beckham, aboard the “royal barge.” Is that an Olympic torch, or is he just happy to see a billion television watchers? The SparkLife team, aboard the royal dinghy, cheer with enchantment.

Most badass monarch of all time? Queen Elizabeth II. Those aren’t corgis she keeps at her side, they’re highly trained destruction machines, and she is a KILLER! Really, we’d like to see Joe Biden parachute into the Super Bowl in a dress. But it’s not gonna happen, because he doesn’t have the hardcore twinset badassness that Bond and England’s head of state has.

Kate and Wills! Our new fav royals. (If the US is going to continue not to employ a monarchist system of rule, we have no choice but to adopt foreign figureheads as our own!) lend their good looks and shiny, Wellington-boot youth to the party.

The industrial revolution. That we might one day have iPhones! Yes, Sparklers, the industrial revolution went something like this: someone towed the cows off the lawn, then smoke stacks rose up majestically, people strode around in stovepipe hats, and then Steve Jobs invented the iPod. HISTORYINANUTSHELL!

Major Tom to ground control…the sweet Bowie fest/music mash made us contemplate, for a second, the merits of a ginger spikey mullet and shoulder pads.

Seeing Britain getting into bed. For storytime! The fleet of Mary Poppinses knocked the Red Arrows off our “best airborn unit” list, while Voldemort’s appearance made us pee just a little bit. Expecto!

Rain. Would this be a UK Olympics if there wasn’t rain. WE THINK NOT! We love that everyone in attendance just popped up their umbrellas and lap sheets and nation-sized prophylactics and kept on.


What were your favorite moments from the Opening Ceremony?

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