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Your Quick Guide to the Olympics

Your Quick Guide to the Olympics

Olympics coverage can be very confusing. We don't like that. Here's the no-nonsense basic info about 2012 London Olympics, which start today:

List of Events (with schedule information):

  1. Archery
  2. Badminton
  3. Basketball
  4. Beach Volleyball
  5. Boxing
  6. Canoe / Kayak
  7. Cycling
  8. Diving
  9. Equestrian
  10. Fencing
  11. Field Hockey
  12. Gymnastics
  13. Handball
  14. Judo
  15. Modern Pentathlon
  16. Rhyth. Gymnastics
  17. Rowing
  18. Sailing
  19. Shooting
  20. Soccer
  21. Swimming
  22. Synch. Swimming
  23. Table Tennis
  24. Taekwondo
  25. Tennis
  26. Track & Field
  27. Trampoline
  28. Triathlon
  29. Volleyball
  30. Water Polo
  31. Weightlifting

American Athletes:

  • American athletes will participate in every sport.
  • HOWEVER, some sports will not be represented by team USA on both the men's and women's side. Examples include men's soccer and men's field hockey.
  • According to this article, though, Olympics men's soccer is kind of a joke and pales in comparison to the World Cup.
  • We don't know enough to have figured out which athletes are our future husbands, but we will let you know as soon as this very serious news has been determined.

Upcoming Events We Care About:

  • Volleyball, beach volleyball, basketball, table tennis, tennis, equestrian, and gymnastics start tomorrow (Saturday, 7/28).
  • Diving starts Sunday, 7/29.
  • Trampoline and track and field start Friday, 8/3.
  • Synchronized swimming starts Sunday, 8/5.
  • Ryhthmic gymnastics start Thursday 8/9.

The Olympics started today with an opening ceremony and one event, archery, and end on August 12.

What will you be watching?

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