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Sh*t Girls Say When You Take Their Photo

Sh*t Girls Say When You Take Their Photo

Step 1: Pull out your camera at a social gathering. Step 2: Watch the agony that ensues! Everyone wants to look good in your photos, but only the shameless will admit that they want to look good in your photos. Here's the sh*t girls say when you take their picture:

Why am I making that weird face?

Worst photo ever! You look good, though.

Ohmigosh, I look DISGUSTING! Send it to me.

My arms are that huge? Why didn't anyone tell me my arms were that huge!

I look like a gremlin.

I look like Justin Bieber.

I look like I'm unconscious.

Is that Instagram? You should Instagram it. What filter are you using? Let me pick the filter.

I'm totally over Instagram.

I'm totally over taking photos.

I'm totally over my face.

Wait, get me like this.

Wait, take one more.

Wait, was I doing something weird with my neck?

Tag me into this on Facebook.

I'll kill you if you tag me into this on Facebook.


Why is everyone so obsessed with taking pictures all the time? Let me see it.

I'm the least photogenic person alive.

We're definitely guilty of saying ALL of these. What do you say when someone whips out their camera and snaps your pic?

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