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Come Claim Your Friday Awards!

Come Claim Your Friday Awards!

No one guessed the secret message last week! We are devastated. And, because we are wonderful human beings and/or androids, we're going to give you a second chance and include the exact same message in this week's Friday Awards. We believe in you, super-sleuths!

And, to prove that we really think you can do it, we've written you a short motivational poem:

Sparklers are great at decoding

Super great at decoding stuff

Especially secret messages

Poems are hard

This one doesn't rhyme

And now, on to the Friday Awards!

Happy birthday to AnieshaS and HJGranger!

The Username of the Week award goes to JohnJacobJingleySchmidt.

The OHMYGOSHYOU’RERIGHT AWARD goes to fastberry2112 for this comment on the "Good Time" Post:

“Numero Uno: Carly Rae and whoever that guy from Owl City is look way too old to be there.
Dos: Carly Rae bears an uncanny resemblance to Taylor Swift. Don't believe me? Look closer.”

The We Are Totally Jealous Award goes to soccer2rules<333 for her comment:

“Hi Guys only here for a minute. IM SO EXCITED!!! Why you may ask??? WELL me and my friends created an even a month a go, and today we are doing an actual hunger games in real life at a park. We invited numerous people and blood [red paint] shall be shed. There will be only one winner from one district. The Hunger Games will involve people fighting with pool noodles, foam swords, bamboo sticks, plastic shovels and mops. They have an option to head for the woods or fight for a weapon at the cornucopia. MAY THE HUNGER GAMES BEGIN!!”

The What A Tragically Awkward Situation award goes to abitofaLunaTic for this comment on the grad parties post:

“You know what the worst part of my graduation party was? My teary eyed computer science teacher explaining to a group of parents how she would miss me, her best student who was oh so brilliant at programming while all the while referring to me BY THE WRONG NAME.”

We'd like to award a nice, pretty, nerdy batch of Harry Potter themed cupcakes to Augustnotapril, who came up with the new name for LOL Points: the Lack of Oxygen Awards! (You know, 'cause you're laughing so hard you can't breathe? Ha! Get it?!) We shall henceforth refer to them as LoOAs (pronounced loo-OO-Ahs).

LoOAs go to…

McPunnyPants for this comment on the principal's twitter post:

“My principal actually has twitter. And my dad follows him. O.o”

Ecm8 for this comment on the Bourne post:

“Is it just me or does Jeremy Renner look like he could be the brother of Nathan Fillian from Castle? He isn't though, because I used my top-notch celebrity stalking ability on wikipedia and found out that they're the same age. My mind is kind of blown...(:”

ClassyCollegeKid for this comment on the Good Time post:

“How are we going to call her maybe if she dropped her phone in the pool again?”

TheCheesyMustache for this comment:

“Hello, people of sparknotes!

Today I have challanged my brother to a Pants Duel. We must end every sentence with 'In my pants'. The first person to forget that little phrase is out.

This should be my pants.”

Augustnotapril for this comment on the JK Rowling post:

“If Jk Rowling's kids get that, then imagine what Suzanne Collins' kids get. A 3,000 sq-ft arena, a bakery, and weapons?”

thePurpleRavenclaw for this comment on the bra care post:

“I hope Ultra Lord is reading this, or his double-barreled slingshots are going to wear out faster than he can save the galaxy. Jimmy Neutron is my childhood.”

Nerdybandgeekgirl for this comment on the same post:

“My brother once tried to make up for a really bad argument we got in by doing my laundry. Poor little brother stuck one of my bras in the dryer and the elastic completely broke. He's never been so embarrased as when he had to bring it to my room and explain.”

Dac213 for her comment on the Man of Steel Post:

“At first I was all "Really, another reboot?" but then I saw Christopher Nolan's name and was all "Oh, never mind, this will probably be awesome".”

Congrats, Friampions! Keep the comments coming!

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