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How to Make Your Locker Grade A

How to Make Your Locker Grade A

Obsessed with outfitting yourself for another great year? This semester, set yourself up for success with a locker that does more than just store stuff. Make it a place that is not only organized, but also suited to your unique personality. Here’s how you maximize your locker and make it grade A.

  • Get Creative. First and foremost, you want your locker to look nice and funky. Perhaps you want to decide on a theme for all of your accessories, or maybe a palate of colors. Find your inner artist and begin cutting images you like out of magazines (though we recommend keeping RPatz and KStew on other ends of your space). Cut out pics of your friends, family, and dogs too, and maybe decide to "frame" them. To give your door a wall paper look, find an awesome, patterned wrapping paper. Decorating has never been so easy, right? After you decide on your main theme, add accents of colors. Buy pretty notebooks for each subject; you can justify the extra spend since having distinct looks for each one will help you keep organized in your classes.
  • Add Unique Touches. You can give people a sense of who you are and what you like with some small touches. Are you a word nerd? Get your hands on these handcrafted Scrabble magnets (if you're a crafty nerd, we challenge you to make your own to save some $). If you want to attract a hipster, semi-mustached dude, try a set of brightly colored "vegetables with mustaches" magnet set.
  • Maximize the Space. Double the size of your lockerhead out and get yourself a shelf . Now, the OCD in you can line up your books and order them according your class schedule. Then, hook yourself up with some extra storageself-adhesive hangers to hang extra hats, purses, hoodies and jackets are super useful and keep everything from turning into the Bundle of Doom at the bottom of your locker.
  • Get Organized. Make room for a place to hang your class schedule—trust us, you'll thank yourself.  These cool looking calendar bubbles are great for keeping track of your extracurriculars and after-school social activities (like french-fry eating). Having a dry erase board where you can write yourself messages, notes and reminders (don't forget to do Math homework) is extremely helpful, too. Plus, your friends can write funny dumb stuff on it to make you laugh when the school day is sucking extra bad.
  • Check Yourself. While it may seem a little vain, having a mirror in your locker may save you from some potentially embarrassing situations, like having BBQ sauce on your chin after a particularly thrilling lunch in the cafeteria or noticing that your mascara has given you panda eyes after you watched a movie about baby dolphins in bio class. We love this locker mirror with a zipper pouch because you can keep an emergency make-up stash/deodorant so that you’re prepared for any sticky situation that comes your way.
  • Put Junk In Your Trunk. The locker is the safe house for your backpack, so you need an awesome bag for the school year. Messenger bags are easy to carry and are also handy if you ride your bike to school. If you're into old-school Nintendo, buy this conversation starter piece. After all, what's color than carrying a around a giant video game controller? If you have a long walk to school or are often bringing home all of your heavy hardcovers, consider a rolling bag instead. Your back will thank you when you are a grandma and can still take pilates.  (It's less dorky if you pick out a pretty one with bright colors.)

Are we missing any other essentials? Tell us what you use to keep your locker looking fresh!

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