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The 3 Things I'm Wearing All Summer

The 3 Things I'm Wearing All Summer

Unlike the uber-fashionable Jenny, this summer has been one long doldrum for me in the style department... because for the past two months, and I'm not even kidding, I've worn a variation on the same favorite outfit every single day. Maybe it's laziness, but a soft rayon tank, threadbare jorts, and stripey sandals just seem to be the perfect warm-weather uniform for a year where my sense of style has become a little more casual than it used to be. (As has my sense of cleanliness, apparently. Do you want to know how many times I wore this shirt before I got around to washing it? NO. You do not.)

Without anything formal on the agenda this summer, this has been a great go-to outfit for beach trips, baseball games (spectating, of course, not playing), afternoon walks, and outings to seaside dives for fried clams and Narragansett—comfortable, breezy, wrinkle-proof, and easily layered with a cropped cardigan and summer scarf if it gets cool at night. And while I've had every piece from this picture on permanent rotation since mid-June or so, my favorite has to be the shoes. The macrame and cork platform sandal is a classic summer staple, the available colors (coral pink or seersucker stripe) couldn't be trendier, they're durably made, and the look is pure Sperry Top Sider... which is especially fun, considering that they cost $25 at Target.

Head to toe: tank, TJ Maxx; shorts, F21; shoes, Target.

What are your summertime staples this year?

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