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Sweat Proof Your Summer Beauty Routine

Sweat Proof Your Summer Beauty Routine

During the summer, the weather is generally out to make you look and feel gross. On the bright side (and believe us, it's plenty bright), it’s pretty easy to save face and keep your hair and makeup looking great no matter how hot or humid it is.

1. Go Easy on the Makeup: The simplest way to look good is to just skip the majority of your face paint. You’re already gorgeous, so a thin layer of tinted balm can carry you through the rest of the summer.
2. Choose Longwearing, Non-Comedogenic Foundations: Avoid suffocating your skin and save heavier foundation formulas for winter. Long-wearing foundation will stay on with minimal fading and smudging, even on scorching days. Look for lightweight, water-based and powder foundations to help keep pores from getting clogged.
3. Use Primer: Silicon primers will lock makeup in place and keep colors from feathering.
4. Switch to Water Proof Eyeliner and Mascara: If you don’t use waterproof formulas already, consider a temporary switch. This will help if your eye makeup tends to smudge a lot or you happen to spend the majority of your summer jumping into pools.
5. Apply Powder Eyeshadow with a Wet Brush: This will allow you to pick up way more pigment. The color will be more intense, but it will fade less noticeably.
6. Use Stain: Lip and cheek stains are tricky because they dry quickly and are hard to manipulate, but the upside is that they hardly budge after setting. Be extra sure to moisturize and apply balm, as stains are often drying.
7. Secure Your Makeup with a Makeup Setting Spray: There are plenty of formulas that create the finish of your choice, from dewy to matte, but all of them will keep your makeup from running, smudging, feathering, and fading in the heat.
8. Moisturize Your Hair: Summer, with its seemingly endless sun, chlorine, and salt water, tends to dry out hair. Treat it once a week with an in-shower moisturizing mask to help prevent frizzies, split ends, and flyaways.
9. Give Your Heat Styling Tools a Break: This season is very conducive to natural texture, and air drying is way more appealing when compared to breaking out the blow dyer. Instead of spending precious summertime styling your hair, try going out naturally. It’s easy, attractive, and way less sweat-inducing.
10. Try Braided Hairstyles: They’re an easy, low maintenance way to sweep back limp, sweaty bangs and get heavy and stifling hair off your neck.

How do you summer-proof your style?

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