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How to Pull off the Disney Princess Look in the 21st Century

How to Pull off the Disney Princess Look in the 21st Century

Unless you're one of the lucky few with the privilege of going to Comic-con, chances are that wearing a taffeta ball gown in public will earn you some stares. To the dismay of some, almost every little girl has dreamt about being one of those animated princesses who wore their pretty dresses as effortlessly as if they were PE shorts. While we know the public may not like our momentary childhood flights of fancy, they can't deny that the Disney Princesses have got style. But their fashions could use an update (an understatement if there ever was one), so I, a self-professed teenage Disney lover, have composed a how-to guide on dressing like a princess ... in jeans.

Snow White was always decked out in a million colours (okay, five), so we're aiming for a vibrant look. Wear this Forever 21 jacket over a yellow tank and some skinny, cropped dark blue jeans. Poisoned apple not included.

This tiered skirt imitates the fullness and regality of Cinderella's skirt; pair it with a sequined top and lace cardigan to make the look a notch more formal. But for those with deep pockets who wish to replicate the simple elegance of Cinderella's ball gown, taking a leaf out of the Duchess of Cambridge's book always helps. Oh, and don't forget the sparkly shoes!

Dozing off in an evening dress is a feat only Sleeping Beauty can manage. For the rest of us, this Forever 21 dress simplifies her medieval white-collared pink dress to something a little more modern. A grey long sleeve shirt and black leggings worn under this vest is an updated version of Briar Rose's peasant dress.

Ariel is famous for wearing purple seashells and a fish tail. Unfortunately, none of that is available in reality. As a substitute, try this blouse from Monsoon, with a scalloped trim and a name so appropriate you want to groan. Wearing a navy tank top and leggings, along with these pricey maritime shoes, would create a look inspired from the Kiss the Girl boat scene. For violet and green underwear, however, don't look at me.

Belle has the courage to rock a mustard-coloured dress, but one person can only wear so much yellow before being mistaken for the sun. Sleeveless tops such as this Cotton On piece manage to pull off a Belle gown look (See what I did there?) that fits the 21st century. Add a blue scarf and jeans, homage to her earlier, more sensible outfits, to round out the look.

You want to be subtle, so for channelling Princess Jasmine, opt for a turquoise shirt or a denim vest with this tiger tank and jeans. Harem pants and electric blue trousers are permitted, but use them sparingly.

Pocahontas is a nature lover at heart, and she'd continue painting with the colors of the wind in simple shorts and tanks, a step-up from her  tasseled suede dress. When she hops across the pond for a tutorial in elegance, she's decked out in full-on frippery, but you can opt for this semi-formal dress and moccasins from the Gap. I do not recommend that you use a raccoon as an accessory, no matter how cute he may be.

Mulan's robes can be easily replicated so that you're ready to kick butt and win hearts. Pair a white tee and a yellow skirt, and add a blue Obi belt for good measure. There, now you're practically an honorary member of the Han Dynasty!

Tiana: Wear this. Just kidding. In a strange case of irony, Tiana's absolutely gorgeous wedding gown is modernized into this Forever 21 casual dress, while the simple coat she wore at the beginning of The Princess and the Frog bears strong resemblance to this expensive yet tasteful creation. Both, however, carry the regality of the future princess of Maldonia. Not Included: Mucus, not slime.

Rapunzel's long gowns can be translated into a flowing maxi dress. A magenta jacket, which mimics the little "poof" of Rapunzel's sleeves, tops everything off. It's a subtle look, almost a makeshift cosplay—the kind that won't earn you stares in the street. However, if you somehow manage to accessorize it with 70 feet of hair, the concerns of the public will be justified.

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