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A Sweet Thank You Note from a Sparkler!

A Sweet Thank You Note from a Sparkler!

Dear Sparklers, Manklers, Sparkitors, Sploggers, and Anyone Else Reading This,

Around this time last year, a few of you may remember reading a Sparkler post asking advice on whether a particular Sparkler should take AP English Literature/Composition in addition to her required courses of AP Statistics, AP Psychology, Economics, Personal Fitness, and Journalism. That Sparkler was me.

To be honest, I was a bit worried about the comments I would get. Sparklers are well-read, intelligent, quirky people—would I get made fun for being worried about a Sparkler's favorite course?

Fortunately, the comments were overwhelmingly positive. Whether you supported the "Maybe two AP courses is enough for you" side or  "You should go for it! You'd really enjoy it!" side, all of your comments were backed up with evidence from past AP experiences and convincing test statistics.

I decided to take AP English Lit, and I'm so glad I did. There were a few moments I did not enjoy (Invisible Man, anyone?), but Lit was one of my favorite courses. My teacher was extremely apt at his job, well-versed in all types of literature yet hilariously practical and entertaining, especially when imitating a "South Park" character.

My teacher became my mentor. My AP exam was passed. My AP course was aced. I don't write all of this to brag, but to simply say thank you. Thank you to you all who helped give me the most informed advice before making one of the best decisions in my life. Thank you to Emily Winter for taking the time to read my email and offering me the advice to "Go for it!" before posting it on Sparklife. Thank you to all the Sparklers and Manklers who took the time out of their precious summer to read my situation and comment. Thank you.

A Sparkler Who Took AP Lit

Awwww, we love letters like this! We really do believe that Sparklers are the friendliest, smartest, most supportive teens on the internet. Thanks for making our site such a great place!

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