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The Winner of the 100-Word Story Contest Is...

The Winner of the 100-Word Story Contest Is...

...sligers118, for her tale of a family preparing to battle over a rocking horse. Your Sparkitors love this story's tone: assured, wry, and, in the end, ominous. We appreciate its technical proficiency. And we admire the way sligers, in just 100 words, brings to life a whole group of people, hints at their dark past, and foreshadows their bloody future.

It was horribly difficult picking a winner, because there were so many wonderful finalists to choose from. In addition to the rocking horse story, we particularly admired...

The one about the metaphorical feathers, by Glass Kitten

The one about the woman desperately in love, by deadlytoaster

The one about the doomed baby, by igordead

The one about the deadly mermaid, by Fiction_is_Forever

Congratulations to all the finalists, and thank you so much to everyone who entered the contest. Unfortunately, the high volume of submissions made it impossible to respond to every entry, but we read each one with care. We were bowled over by the high quality of the work we received, and can't wait for the next contest.

Our winner, sligers, will receive an advanced reader's copy of Auntie SparkNotes aka Kat Rosenfield's debut novel, Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone. Yay!

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