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MAN OF STEEL: Superman Has Arrived and He is SUPER HAWT

MAN OF STEEL: Superman Has Arrived and He is SUPER HAWT

There's a new superhero on the block, butts, and his name is HENRY CAVILL. In case you're not familiar with Mr. Cavill's work, take a gander at this pic from The Immortals, this pic from The Tudors, and this pic (I don't care what it's from, because GREAT GOOGILY MOOGILY, LOOK AT THAT FACE).

Have I mentioned that Henry is BRITISH? And so are his abs.

Alright, calm down. We're not here to talk about how impossibly handsome Henry Cavill is—we'll save that for our after-school fan club, "Admirers of Henry Cavill and His Impossibly Handsome British Abs." Nope, we're here to watch the brand new Man of Steel trailers, which show us a darker, grittier version of the American hero's backstory. There are actually two versions of the video; the first is narrated by Kevin Costner's, Superman's adoptive father, and the second is narrated by Russell Crowe, his real father. Press play and prepare to be wowed.

This movie looks pretty AWESOME, right? And that background music is so haunting and beautiful! LURVE IT.

Title image courtesy of Warner Bros official Man of Steel Facebook page

Henry Cavill image from Jaguar PS/

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