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J.K. Rowling's Kids Are the Luckiest Kids Ever

J.K. Rowling's Kids Are the Luckiest Kids Ever

Okay, we already knew that J. K. Rowling's kids were lucky. Their mom is an incredibly talented writer and genuinely seems like a nice, caring, lovely person—not to mention she's really concerned about shielding her children from the negative effects of her popularity and doesn't use them as publicity tools. (Plus, we're betting they totally get free passes to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios.)

But besides all that? Rowling is building them these. Yep: she's building her two youngest children, David and Mackenzie (9 and 7, respectively), two giant, Harry Potter-themed tree houses that actually require planning permission to build. THEY HAVE A SECRET TUNNEL FOR CHEESE'S SAKE.

Apparently, she's already built a summer home fashioned after Hagrid's Hut. Excuse us while we go brainstorm ways to get Rowling to adopt us. And no, we are NOT too old to be adopted.

Do you wish you were Rowling's kid right now?

[Via the DailyMail]

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