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Your School Principal's Summer Twitter Feed

Your School Principal's Summer Twitter Feed

By Janet Manley

You may have spent the last two months riding jetskis and feasting on plaintains and going full throttle crazy on a ropes course while wearing a harness and dinky helmet and yelling "This is better than Step Up 3D!!!" but you're not the only ones who had a wild, crazy summer! Somewhere, in the halls of your school strides a tanned, weary principal, riding high on another epic vacation. While we know it's sad that summer can't last forever, we're all lucky to be able to TWEET ABOUT IT into fall, which your school principal has been doing! Below, we dive into @freshprinceIPAL's Twitterific activity feed:


I hope my sock tan doesn’t look silly under my periwinkle corduroy trousers :/

Was Seals and Crofts’ “Summer Breeze” the song of summer or what?! p.s. Who’s Carly Rae Jensen?

I’d like to show and tell! #crazydaysatDisneyWorldsplashmountain #IsawBrerRabbit

It’s true. I had a summer fling. With roman sandals.

If by “holiday home,” you mean IHOP, then yes, I spent two lovely weeks away at our N. Carolina holiday home.

Guess who got DETAINED! #TSA #harmlessprincipalwithpeanutbutterinhercarryon

Used my summer to catch up on some work. Watched ALL FIVE Rocky movies.

Experimented with my hair over summer. Grew three moustaches, two flava savers and one Civil War jowl visor.

Who else got lucky this summer?! Hotmail tells me I won compensation from a mesh patch recall. #solucky

The only coursework I did in July was with a nine-iron.

Home Depot Alumni 2012! #newkitchen #whatoldpeopledo

Adults go to summer camp, too! My favorite counselor is Jeremiah Broadbean, certified public accountant

Amazing Kayaking trip. Just four crazy hours of trying different travel dates then giving up and hitting Priceline instead. Arms were exhausted.

You know what I always say: New school year, new identical knit sweatervest.

What kinds of epic did you tap this summer, Sparkites?!

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