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How to Survive Graduation Parties

How to Survive Graduation Parties

Food. Food. People. Small talk. More food. This seems to be a concise summary of the plethora of grad parties that have taken summer by  force. Party-hopping between grad parties can be an immensely exhausting and endlessly demanding endeavor that no one is ever prepared enough for. As a veteran grad party hopper, I have accumulated a series of must-do’s and must-haves that might revolutionize any amateur into a suave, roof-raisin’ party-starter.

  • Buddy System:  There is a good chance the buddy system was hammered into you by many a concerned adult during your childhood. Well, it's back. As strong and resilient as you may think you are, taking on grad parties is no joke; a buddy on your side increases your chances exponentially of emerging victorious. Other uses may or may not be limited to avoiding and/or getting out of awkward encounters, saving gas money, not being the only one there with the grad’s extended family, and others.
  • Water Bottle: THIS IS ESSENTIAL. With the summer rays giving you creative sun burns and the heat sucking every ounce of moisture out of you, you need to hydrate. While grad parties will tempt you with an array of beverages, there is no substitute for water. Plus, it’s beach-wear time, so water is great for avoiding soda overload.
  • Prepare for the parents: You will be interrogated. "What college are you going to?" "Was that your top choice?" "What do you want to do?" "What are your life goals?" If you are anything like the average teenager, you probably have no idea how to answer at least one of those questions. And if you do, I am incredibly jealous of you. But the rest of us must be prepared, or else these conversation will turn into a series of “ummmm” “well” and “ I have no idea.” Think of something before hand, or better, turn the conversation around and ask the adult about their job. Everybody loves to talk about themselves.
  • Sun-Block Lotion/ Bug Spray: Unless you are into getting a lobster tan and/or skin cancer, lotion up.  Onthe same note, spray up. Bugs are unseen, sleazy little creatures who enjoy biting you in the most inconvenient places, such as between your toes, on your feet, etc. Fight these blood-suckers with some good ole’ spray.
  • Pace your self: This is the hardest step, but it is probably the most important. Try not to eat an entire meal at each grad party you go to (if you have multiple parties on one day). Sure, mac and cheese and cake and barbecue look great, but, you WILL regret eating all of it. Enjoy yourself and have a little of everything, but remember that all of this is going to be at your next destination, too!

How do you survive grad parties?

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