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How to Dress Like Gwen Stacy from The Amazing Spider-Man

How to Dress Like Gwen Stacy from The Amazing Spider-Man

We all know The Amazing Spider-Man was a great movie. While Andrew Garfield played a fresh and adorable Spidey, Emma Stone portrayed an outstanding Gwen Stacy. Besides earning points for acting, personality, and one of movie history’s greatest boyfriends, Gwen’s sense of style is one of the best things about the character. She wears a fun, striking blend of professional, functional, and attractive clothing, mixed with a few cable knits. Here’s the lowdown on how to replicate her style:

There’s really no better way to put it than “wear skirts.Gwen looks amazing in above-knee skirts, not too short, but long enough to be professional while still showing off her legs. Gwen works at Oscorp so she can’t wear anything too flashy, so she usually wears dark colors or tartan plaids.

Sweaters are your new best friend. In order to intern in a high-end science lab, Gwen needs clothes that are comfortable and look decent with a white lab coat. She likes wearing sweaters–a lot of sweaters— sometimes with Oxford shirts underneath, sometimes without. Here she is wearing a sleeveless v-neck sweater over a white t-shirt; completely cute while being functional enough to run away from animal hybrid super villains.

Acquire boots. And then, maybe some more boots. Gwen’s signature boots hit right below the knee, which visually elongates the legs. You’ll want to have one black pair and one that’s a light tan or khaki color. A nice pair of rain boots is also a good idea, since leather and suede boots tend not to be very wet-friendly. Gwen wears knee high cable knit socks that barely stick out to complete the “I’m wearing boots. Don’t mess with me,” look. Avoid boots with too much of a heel–that tends to make it difficult to chase around after your swinging-from-rooftops mutant-spider boyfriend.

So what do I wear when it’s hot out? Just go with short-sleeved shirts in stripes or classic prints. Add ankle boots or moccasins with a denim skirt. At one point in the movie, Gwen wears a classy polka dot dress with a navy blue cardigan. A smart move on her part; if it got warm she could just lose the cardigan and still look put together.

Can’t I ever wear pants? Sure you can. When Gwen has to deliver some sad news to Peter, it’s raining out so she wears skinny jeans with a tunic sweater to stay warmer. However, in keeping with her cool professionalism, skip the ripped and slashed jeans and opt for cords or slim jeans in neutral colors. Besides basic denim, try out colors like wine, navy or olive green.

What’s up with outerwear? New York City can be chilly, especially on rainy days. So bundle up in a classic pea coat, or trench coat, or a nice big sweater that is warm enough to serve as a coat. Add a cable hat or cute patterned scarf as necessary.

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