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20 Rejected Villains

20 Rejected Villains

Ever wonder if there are villains out there who just didn't make the cut? Well, there are. Here are 20 of them.

1. Captain Obvious. States the obvious, then waits for you to thank him.

2. The Mashed Potato Twins. A pair of mashed potato mounds that absorb gravy.

3. Sir Dance-a-Lot. Grinds up against you…with evil!

4. The Substitute. A former teacher who vows revenge on the student who never came back from the bathroom during 4th period.

5. The Weather Girls. An unruly gang of girls who have nothing to talk about except how hot or cold it is outside.

6. Jack in the Box. Some dude named Jack who lives in a box?

7. The Waitress. A former TGIFriday's waitress who has vowed revenge on all her customers that passed on trying the Buffalo Chicken Cheesecake Eggrolls (available for a limited time only).

8. Halloween Head. An evil man who terrorizes citizens with a Richard Nixon mask that got super glued to his head on Halloween in '94 as a prank.

9. Vegan Vinny. He's Vinny and he's a vegan. Watch out!

10. Justin Bieber. Brainwashes young girls with his powerfully catchy songs.  Considered extremely dangerous.

11. The Rumor. Cannot be seen, only heard, and no one is ever sure if he/she exists, but we've heard about him/her.

12. Clock Face. She has a clock for a face and can tell you what time she will attack you, so you have plenty of notice to get out of there.

13. Emo Boris. He is Boris, he is emo, and he doesn't like you for some reason. He's just like that.

14. The Spoiler Alert. Signs on to Facebook and gives away every ending to every movie that's ever come out. You cannot defeat him (unless you decline his Friend Request, thereby bringing on lots of Rumors).

15. The Half-Invisible Man. Only half of him is invisible, but which half????

16. Movie Quote Marty. Only speaks in movie quotes no matter what the conversation or the question. Considered mildly dangerous and very annoying.

17. The Armrest Hog. A villain so evil he hogs the armrest for the entire length of a movie, a flight, or any other armrest situation.

18. Puddle Pants Patty. Has the power to turn your pants into... puddles of stuff.

19. Sgt. Glitter. He's a tough-talking, no-nonsense, hard-driving former Army sergeant with the last name "Glitter."

20. "You." A villain named "You" who got so sick and tired of people misunderstanding that his name is "You" no matter how many times he explained it that he just decided to become a villain.

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