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Blogging Disney: The Aristocats

Blogging Disney: The Aristocats

My VCR needs to be replaced. At times it fluctuates so the guy who's singing during the credits sounds like he keeps throwing up. This is what I get for having all these Disney classics on VHS.

Here's some zingers from last week:

WhiteEyedCat said:

"The voice of Kaa the snake is the same voice of Winnie the Pooh, and the Cheshire Cat!!! Clearly this creature is some sort of bizzare shape shifter with an unnatural love of honey!"

And, as others went on to mention, he was also Mr. Stork in Dumbo, Adult Flower in Bambi, and Roquefort in Aristocats. Disney owned his voice like Pixar owns the voice of John Ratzenberger.

PlathAddict6 said:


Ahem. What are you looking at? O_o

1. Perhaps this is to keep unfortunate injuries from occurring. (You're a dude, follow the train of thought and wince.)
2. Yes. Both.
3. Mmm, the bear from Robin Hood gives him a run for his money, but I think they have the same voice (and they both appear in drag!) so we'll agree on this one.
4. Loneliness and desperation. Like two strangers becoming insta friends on a train to a magical boarding school.
5. It wasn't in the script. That is all."

Last week we were in London, this week we're in Paris. Where we'll be next, only the undead-zombie-cosmic-oracle Walt Disney knows. Here we go!

1. Does anyone else think Edgar is a good villain? You certainly don't expect him. He's one of the few villains in Disney movies who doesn't instantly look like a villain. He seems nice and easygoing at the beginning, and his development into the villain is fairly believable, even if it does slope off fast.

2. Who gives their cats paint? Kittens, nonetheless?

It's Edgar. After putting his head in a bear's mouth.

3. Do the cats actually know anything about music? Their mother tells them to do their scales and arpeggios, but I play piano, and I know what scales and arpeggios are. They do neither (but, in their defense, they are cats).

4. Has Edgar done villainous things before? He seems very unapologetic and not at all conflicted, though somewhat nervous, about what he does. Maybe he ran a drug ring in his early days and this is small beans. Or maybe he believes he's working for the greater good and going to use his inheritance to fight crime as a (more) awesome Alfred Pennyworth under the name Justice-Man: Man of Justice.

5. Do the kittens ever wonder who their father is?

6. Do they remind anyone else of homeschoolers? Besides learning to paint and play piano, they've never seen geese. Most homeschoolers I know have also never seen geese, or at least never admitted to seeing geese.

7. Why is O'Malley such a jerk to all his other cat-friends? The only cat he introduces is Scat Cat. He doesn't even say "Hi" to the rest of them. I want to know the names of German Deep-Voice Cat, Robin Hood Hat Cat, Hippy Cat, and Somewhat Stereotypical Asian Siamese Cat!

8. Does everybody want to be a cat? We should take a poll.

9. Scat Cat? More like Fat Cat. He and his buds got on top of a piano and it smashed through the floor.

10. What's O'Malley's backstory with humans? He's the second Disney animal protagonist who doesn't trust humans (the first being the Tramp). What's his story? What did humans do to him?

11. Why does Madame assume that Edgar simply left? I mean, if I went out to the barn and couldn't find my butler but there were a bunch of alley cats around, I'd assume what everyone would assume: Edgar had managed to convert himself from human biomass to cat biomass and will now fight crime on the streets of Paris as Catman: Defender of Fish. So long, Edgar.

Why Kids Should Watch This Flick: Aristocats is a charming movie; it lacks plot and substance, but it has good characters that stick in your mind, like the annoying geese or the aggressive farm dogs (my favorite characters!) and great musical numbers that you don't forget even when you're old. The juxtaposition of Paris and a New York jazz feel is a little strange, but I wasn't alive when this movie came out, so maybe it wasn't weird back then.

Next week: Back to England, specifically: Nottingham. That's right, Robin Hood is up next.

So, do you want to be a cat?

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