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Awkward Episode 4 Recap: "Are You There God? It's Me, Jenna."

Awkward Episode 4 Recap: "Are You There God? It's Me, Jenna."

In this week's episode Jenna tries to save her soul—and her love life!

Church-Going Folk

Since her parents split, Jenna's mom has been feeling lonely, so she drags them both to church. After some confusion about when to stand and how to use a collection box (money goes in, not out) Jenna has to admit she's been feeling a little lonely and lost too. When she sees a sign for a church retreat for teens, she starts to give going some serious thought, especially when Lissa insists she go.

Forgive and Repent

Back at school Jenna talks over the possible holy weekend with Tamara, who's a little distracted by Jenna's former stalker who ditched the 'Jenna Lives" T-shirts for some new swag emblazoned with "Take it Outside," the very phrase Tamera screamed in front of the whole school during her Ricky freak out. Tamera becomes convinced she is the new stalkee.

Mystery Girl

Jenna runs the church camp idea by V, who seems to think religion might be dangerous for someone who's in a bad place. Jenna's almost reconsidering going on the trip when Jake suggests they double date with Matty and a new girl to get his mind off the mystery jerk girl who  left his poor heart shredded. And with that Jenna starts packing for her journey with Jesus. Unfortunately, once she's on the bus she learns she's in for a fate worse than an awkward date-Sadie.

Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory

Sadie is being her normal evil self, but Jenna takes comfort in Lissa's kindness. The retreat's costume dance (complete with Adam, Eve, Sadie as a pregnant Mary, and Jenna as the tempting serpent) is going great until an impromptu share circle breaks out. When Sadie puts the spotlight (literally, they came prepared with flashlights) on Jenna and her attempted suicide she breaks down, chanting "I love Satan." She takes that as her cue to head home, but not before Lissa apologizes on Sadie's behalf and acts like a genuinely nice person.

Some Things Never Change

Back from the retreat Lissa makes up with Sadie (and slides back into her less-Christian ways), Tamera finds out "Take it Outside" is a club to encourage kids to spend more time in nature, and Jenna and Matty seem to get back on good terms, even sealing the deal with a friendly hug. But when he checks out another girl, Jenna gets a pretty jealous look on her face. Maybe the love triangle will become a love square?

What did you think of tonight's episode? Are things really over between Jenna and Matty?

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