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This Cat Isn't Getting a Friday Award (But You Might)

This Cat Isn't Getting a Friday Award (But You Might)

It's a boring, rainy Friday here in New York City, and it's been a boring, rainy week. But we're pretty sure that's just a cover-up, and the universe is trying to hide the fact that something drastic is about to happen. What? We don't know, but we can only assume that since nothing terrible happened on Friday the 13th, it's been waiting for today, getting ready to catch us by surprise.

So even though we didn't encounter any falling pianos last week, we're still keeping them open with a watchful eye today, Sparklers. And no, it doesn't look strange to have a piano umbrella opened over our desks, thanks for asking.But anyway, on to the Friwards!

A Very Happy SparkLife Birthday to PrestigiousTimeLady!

The Supersleuth Decoder Award goes to CaraCupcakes, CarolinaWren4, and wallflower19, who figured out last week's secret message.

The Super Songwriter Award goes to My-Fair-Googie for this comment:

“*sings song she made up yesterday* Lloyd, The interdimensional Lloyd, He's so unintentional Lloyd....and then I couldn't think of any other rhyming words.”

The Reluctant Fangirl Award goes to daisymay236 for her comment on the boy bands post:

“Actually, only one member of One Direction is Irish...gah, why do I know this? I hate when things make me all fan-girly (by hate I might possibly mean a parallel universe).”

The Really Awesome Bad Joke Award goes to PurpleNerdNumber7 for this comment:


What did the cannibal do after he dumped his girlfriend?


And LOL Points go to the following Sparklers...

CaraCupcakes for this comment on the bathroom post:

“I enjoy the second to last one, although most of these are quite entertaining. I think I'm going to go walk in on people to use this now..... Maximum creeper: engaged!”

InvaderPinkie for her comment on the pool games post:

“I am pretty sure that the EXTREME chicken fights should be called EXTREME DEATH chicken fights. Makes it sound more epic.”

Pistaciosaregreat for this comment on the horse girls post:


lyricalDissonance for his comment on the feminism post:

“Whenever I make a joke about a girl making me a sandwich, it usually ends with everyone in the room, including me, agreeing that I am the one who would make the woman sandwiches in any relationship.”

iheartsomeone for this comment:

"OH NO YOU DIDNT MOTHER NATURE! The just shook my house so hard it made my John Green collection fall over! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

And, a la TheCheesyMustache’s suggestion, all Sparklers who survived the comment withdrawal receive the following award/badge:

And yes, that is a star made out of poptarts.

In other news, we think it's about time to re-name the LOL points, because typing LOL makes us feel like a 60-year-old who thinks it's cool to use chat speak. Right now we're thinking "Funny Butt Comment Award," but we're open to any suggestions you might leave in the comments...

Congrats to the Friampions! Keep the comments coming!

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