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Auntie SparkNotes: Updates In The House

Auntie SparkNotes: Updates In The House

It's that time again, inter-nieces and inter-nephews! A critical mass of updates from past advice-seekers has finally found its way to the secret underground lair of Auntie SparkNotes, where they've been assembled into a single post for your reading pleasure. What's up with our letter-writers since they sent their pleas for help? Here's the rundown! (And if you've had a letter answered lately and haven't sent an update... well, why not? Don't keep us hanging, yo.)

First, some lady power—and proof that a well-timed smackdown may be the best remedy ever for diarrhea of the mouth:

My dilemma was AWESOMELY addressed in "Dating Dog Days." The first time after your post that my boyfriend made a comment, I just shot it down with a "not-funny-but-very-rude-actually" look. The second time, I told him your EXACT LINE WORD FOR WORD: "You are being incredibly disrespectful: to me, and to the girls you're objectifying, and also to you yourself, because talking about women like this just makes you look like a pathetic fool." He was shocked but then after that never really uttered anything of that sort again.


The Sparkler with the angry, moody boyfriend had us all pretty worried, so here's some terrific news:

Shortly after I wrote you, we got in a massive fight. I won't go into the details, but just know that the source of the fight stemmed from one small misstep on my part to which he overreacted in an explosive manner. I realized how crazycakes I was being by trying to keep him happy, because nothing I did could keep him satisfied for long. So I left. And it's such an incredible relief—I don't have to constantly worry about making him mad or setting him off. We're still friends (sort of), but I'm keeping my distance.

Atta girl. And here's an update from the long-ago letter-writer who was concerned about her crush's X-rated tastes:

You helped me to understand why porn isn't such a big deal now for fellow crushers (even though I don't like him anymore, not because of the porn thing but as he was a massive blowfish to me and I deserved better.) Six months on I have grown up more (well only a little!), I now also have a boyfriend who treats me like a princess and I have moved on from the fellow blowfish.

Hooray! (Nobody likes a blowfish.)

The poor exhausted Sparkler with the killer custody schedule has good news to report:

I didn't talk to my mom, as to not cause conflict before a big family trip. BUT I did change my schedule to a Sunday to Sunday routine, and it did help a lot because it was a more natural change from weekend to weekday. I also started talking to my mom about weekly outings when I was with her, so that I could gain some freedom. Things are looking up from here! I also want to say how much better it made me feel that in the comments there were many people who went or are going through the same thing. And all the support. It was wonderful!

And finally, an update that was a long time coming, but one we're so psyched to receive:

Last year, I wrote you a letter which you responded to with “It’s My Prom and I’ll Stay Home if I Want To.” I would like to thank you for your advice. I got a dress and had my sister do my makeup, and I braved prom. I didn’t quite enjoy myself and left after about a half an hour, but your response to my inquiry got me thinking deeply about what you had said.

I got myself the help I needed. I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, am seeing a therapist weekly, and am heavily medicated, but it’s totally worth it. I was actually able to get a Season Pass to Six Flags this year; I can function at the park now! And I was even able to hug my mom this morning (which I had NEVER been able to do in the past). Thank you so much, Auntie.

And... er... I've... just got something in my eye. Yeah. In my eye. That's all. I'm not crying! YOU'RE CRYING. HAVE AN AWESOME WEEKEND *SOB*.

Did you get the warm fuzzies from hearing how great all our LWs are doing? Tell us in the comments! And to get advice from Auntie, email her at

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