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Would You Shop at a Fake Hollister?

Would You Shop at a Fake Hollister?

In another weird news story, an Irish man opened a fake Hollister store in the back of his house. It turns out there's only one real Hollister store in Ireland, which means the goods are in short supply. Max Kulcynski, 27-year-old potential business genius, saw this as his opportunity and bought tons of Hollister goods while living in Florida.

He then decorated the back of his house to look like a Hollister store and re-sold the goods (at mucho marked-up prices, we must assume). His pseudo-store was open for about a month before cops shut it down, seizing almost 600 items, which were returned to Hollister.

But since both Hollister and Kulcynski won't talk about the issue, we're left with more questions than answers. Namely...

  • Who has a house big enough to open an entire store in the back?
  • Did shoppers think they were at a real Hollister store? Or did they notice that they were, ya know, shopping in the back of someone's house?
  • Who has thousands and thousands of euros to spend on clothing? Yeah, he had a plan to re-sell it, but we're betting it's hard to get a loan when you write "shady back-door business" on your application.
  • What was he planning to do when he ran out? How often can you really go to Florida and buy that many clothes?

What do you think, Sparklers?

[Via theGloss]

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