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What's Your Take on Seventeen's Anti-Photoshop Pledge?

What's Your Take on Seventeen's Anti-Photoshop Pledge?

14-year-old Julia Bluhm recently led a campaign against photoshop in Seventeen magazine. Her goal was to get the magazine to commit to publishing at least one unaltered photo spread per issue. After a couple of months, the editors at Seventeen have agreed to a "Body Peace Treaty," and promise to "never change girls’ body or face shapes" in the magazine.

But is promising not to change the size or shape of a model the same as promising not to Photoshop? It doesn't seem like it, especially since Seventeen admitted that they still airbrush blemishes off of models' skin. And isn't acne just as big of a body issue for teens?

Recently, teens Emma Stydahar and Carina Cruz have joined in the anti-photoshop campaign, asking Teen Vogue to accept the same pledge, and to alert readers to photoshopped blemishes. The girls, however, were somewhat rudely received, and Teen Vogue ultimately refused their requests, saying they publish photos of dozens of un-photoshopped readers each year. Erm, dozens? In a year? When they have hundreds of photos in one month's issue? Forgive us if we're not impressed, dudes.

But with all this drama, we want to hear from you! Here's our questions:

  • What do you think about the Body Peace Pledge? Is it enough?
  • Should teen magazines refuse to Photoshop a model/celeb even if they request it? (Apparently, this happens.)
  • How far should the anti-Photoshop crusade go? Is it okay if some people are photoshopped, so long as there are some who aren't?

Let us know what you think, Sparklers! And sign the pledge here.

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