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What's Your English Gentry Name?

What's Your English Gentry Name?

Whether you prefer a little Jane Austen or Downton Abbey, everyone loves the elegance and sophistication of the English gentry. While many of us wish that we were a long-lost descendant of some king, we’ll probably never be a Mia Thermopolis. So while you’re waiting for a wormhole to suck you into the early 19th century or for Julie Andrews to tell you you’re a princess, you might as well go ahead and get a royalty-worthy name!

Title: Choose the title that corresponds to the month you were born.

January or February- Knight/Dame

March or April- Lord/Lady

May or June- Baron/Baroness

July or August- Count/Countess

September or October- Duke/Duchess

November or December- Grand Prince/ Grand Princess

First Name: Choose the name that corresponds to the last letter of you first name.

A- Edward/Victoria

B- Joseph/Jane

C- George/Eleanor

D- Andrew/Mary

E- Benedict/Guinevere

F- Alexander/Catherine

G- Gregory/Maria

H- John/Isabelle

I- Harry/Elizabeth

J- William/Judith

K- Peter/ Matilda

L- Nicholas/Anne

M- Henry/Edith

N- Philippe/Helen

O- Edmund/Sarah

P-  Richard/Anna

Q- Edgar/Margaret

R- James/Sibyl

S- Frederick/Charlotte

T- Arthur/Constance

U- Louis/Winifred

V- Christopher/Abigail

W- Conrad/Ethel

X- Walter/Virginia

Y- Thomas/Louise

Z- Felix/Irene

Last Name: Choose the name that corresponds to the month your dad was born.

January- Bellingham

February- Wood

March- Harlow

April- Thomas

May- Bennett

June- Dowling

July- Harvey

August- Price

September- Langdon

October- Jenkins

November- Anderson

December- Henley

Of ______: Choose the place name that corresponds to your favorite cereal.

Cap’n Crunch- of Charlbury

Frosted Flakes- of Bexley

Cinnamon Toast Crunch- of Doncaster

Cheerios- of Ashford

Lucky Charms- of York

Froot Loops- of Featherstone

Apple Jacks- of Castleford

Rice Krispies- of Kingsbridge

All- of Longford

Other- of Horncastle

“I hate cereal.”- of Blackburn

What's your English Gentry name?

Post by sydney8771 (AKA Duchess Louise Harlow of Doncaster)!

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